Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The weather has been odd around here. It has been very humid. Hot sticky days and nights. And then there is the rain. Crazy rain. Thunderstorms with bad ass lightening. Then it goes right back to the hot humid weather.

I don't recall this quite so the way it has been. I certainly don't recall seeing so many mushrooms appear overnight. They pop up daily. Little colonies. And great big bursting at the seems kind.

Ever think about a mushroom? There so many types. The yard variety, the super market kind, then the psychedelic, better know what you are doing kind.
My yard is producing a bunch that look very different. I like them. I think they look rather interesting.


Marilyn said...

What beautiful fungi - I think fungi are rather magical - they just pop up and are so perfect. Lovely photo.

Lori ann said...

Your photo is so beautiful. I love mushrooms too, we don't see that many around here.

I hope your weather isn't too uncomfortable. :)

Mark Pressley said...

If your yard produces any of the psychedelic kind I would be glad to make sure they are properly disposed of and safe from the wrong hands. Any thing to help.

janis said...

Mark~ You are so funny!

A human kind of human said...

Those look huge. Wonder if there are any fairies around - lol.