Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yellow Crisom Watermelon

So... When we opened up our Walmart Seedless Watermelon, we were not expecting this! Never have I seen a yellow watermelon. The family all say it taste the same (I think I will pass, it just does not look appetizing to me!). I posted it on Facebook, and relieved to see some have seen, tasted and even sought out to purchase this. My friend, Darla, looked it up, gave me the name and said it is suppose to taste sweeter than the famous pink. Maybe if we had been warned, and not so shocked when opening it I wouldn't have freaked out. I think Walmart got these without knowing. I am sure I am not the only shopper that said, "What the heck?"


JC said...

Looks more like it's in the cantalope family ... I wouldn't eat it.

Mark Pressley said...

Cool Mellon, I have peppers this year that I am excited about cooking.

Lori ann said...

I'm curious now. I've never been to Walmart and i've never seen a melon like this.
It's pretty!