Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Soft Drinks Vs Their Coffee Drinks

When I was a young girl, one of the biggest deals about having a "sleepover" was what you would be serving to eat & drink. Pizza or burgers, lots of chips, and popcorn were the staples.

The drinks were important. I'm talking grade school and Junior High here... so were you a Coke or Pepsi? Along with 7-up. If your parents let you get the cute little bottles, that made you cool.

Another really cool fun choice was getting to choose from Towne Club Soda. Do you remember? In Indianapolis we had a Towne Club on Pendleton Pike. It was a huge deal for Julie & I to get to "pick" our case of sodas. I remember Pineapple Cream, Red Pop, Grape, and Tangerine, to name a few.

Today's kids don't seem to drink Soda Pop. The young men all love their Monster energy drinks, while the girls all seem to drink coffee drinks. I see young girls of 9 or 10 gulping down their Frappucinnos and Cappuccinos. I didn't start drinking coffee till I was 21. I started because I had to make it all the time in the Restaurant I worked in. While in college, I drank Hot Chocolate & sometimes Hot Tea, IF Pepsi or Coke were not available. We certainly didn't have fancy drinks with whipped cream and a thousand calories. I can't imagine paying the Big Bucks kids today spend on these. Grant it I grew up a long time ago, but a spurge back then was a Shake or Freeze from Steak & Shake or a Fountain Cherry Coke at the Drugstore where my College was. Most people (especially kids)seem to not mind popping $4-6 dollars out for a fancy coffee drink. I walk every day with co-workers to a Starbucks. My friend gets an Ice Coffee refill daily for just a buck when she has her Starbucks cup with her. I go along for the walk & her company but have never bought one. I just can't see it. They are not that good, in my opinion. (Although she gets a deal, I won't pay for the over-priced cup.) ME? At my age (and weight) I will stick to my "free" coffee at the office. Spurge? I'll take a Margarita on the Rocks with extra salt please!


Mark Pressley said...

Large pot of black coffee to get me started, and then I load my truck and grab a Monster for the road if the job is big then grab 2 Monsters. Green Tea till 8pm I am possibly a caffeine freak. Heineken when its time to play.

I grew up with Pepsi drinkers never really liked pop. Big Red was always a treat though.

Lori ann said...

I can't believe the money spent either, it's hard to justify. I'm a tea drinker anyway. Or water, kinda boring.

Linda said...

We're all about diet coke at our house - that's what daughter and her friends drink. We also drink lots of water. And of course, I love wine and mixed drinks as well, lol.

None of us are big coffee drinkers.

Never heard of that Towne soda drink. We did have the bottled pop - as we call it in Chicago - never referred to as "soda". Just "POP". :)

Erin Wallace said...

Janis - thanks for the follow! Giving you the follow back! Excited to read more from you.

xo Erin

An English Shepherd said...

Just water for me ;-)