Sunday, June 27, 2010

need a prayer...

I have been MIA alot lately.

Alot going on, mostly trying to spend available time with my Aunt Nancy.

She will be leaving Indiana today, and I realize it may very well be the last time I see her. Her Parkinson's & Alzheimer's have been cruel.

She will be leaving this grand loving Nursing Home (yes... some really are!) And travel to Oklahoma to live with one of her daughters. Although it sounds like a better situation, I do not believe it is.

Her daughter hasn't a clue as to what she has taken on, nor has realized exactly what a "two person assist", elderly person that can no longer do anything without assistance, can no longer walk nor use the restroom requires.

It is very complicated, and heartbreaking to everyone including the other daughters, as to what & how things have come about.

I can not go into details. But, I will ask for your prayers, and your positive energy to come into the direction of my dear Aunt.

I pray for her to have happiness, dignity, and I pray she never understands exactly what & why things have come to what they have. I hope that she does not ever pick up on any of the negativity or greed that has come to light.

I pray that hearts will awaken and the right thing will be done.


JC said...

I hope your Aunt's situation goes as best as it can ...

Mark Pressley said...

Thoughts and prayers

Mark Pressley said...

Thoughts and prayers