Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lightening Bugs!

The Lightening Bug,
The Lightening Bug,
I'll betcha didn't know,
How much the fairies love him,
Coz he's their radio,
The Lightening Bug,
The Lightening Bug,
The fairies radio."
song by Julia W Bingham

Tonight I saw my first lightening bugs!
I always feel like summer is here when the lightening bugs are out.


Linda said...

Funny you mention this, Janis! I was sitting at our kitchen table last night, at the end of the graduation day celebration... my parents and I were talking and all of a sudden I glance out the screened window and exclaim "Hey! Lightening Bugs are here!" and then I remarked "Oh yea, it's June now..." :) How fun.

Xenia said...

I love the fun of lightening bugs... there should be more animals that can light up like that! :)

Thanks for joining in Friendly Friday, I'm following you now! Have a great weekend!