Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Cross Check & Call Forward"

That is one of my Besties favorite sayings. Too her that means, 'vacation time has begun".

Today, my Husband got to hear those words.

He boarded a plane with one of his "Besties" and headed for a vacation. A well earned vacation. A first in many years. His last "fun time" trip was five years, and even that was a family trip. The last "guy trip" has to have been more than seven years ago for a ski trip. This will be an adventure that I hope will give him some wonderful memories and stories to tell.

He and this Bestie have traveled these parts together before... some 30 years ago, when they were about the same age as their children are today.

Sergio's Bestie, Brian, and he have truly been friends forever. They are brothers even though not by blood. They have been there for each other through thick and thin. Seen each other through good and bad. And enjoyed their friendship along the way.

Today, Sergio packed up his gear, and together with Brian, B's son & son's friend, and headed out West to Arizona. A "roughing it trip". Tents, backpacks and all.
{Ew.. so glad he has a buddy to do this with!}

I know they are tough guys. But where they are going... out in what we call virgin territory. No people, no communications (even with cells..I would freak!), they are really roughing it in my opinion.
Oh yeah, and lets not to forget, "The Mountain Lions, Black Bears, & Bobcats! Oh My!" The Scorpions and snakes are also plentiful. How lovely indeed.

On a positive note, his Bestie, Brian, is also his Doctor. That makes me feel tons better. Brian knows my husband even better than me. I trust him to not allow Sergio to push himself. They have two 21 year old's to help them out, carry the heavy stuff, and listen to a couple of old men talk about the good ole days!

One more thought: As you know, Arizona has been in the news much about the new Illegal Alien Law. The importance of having "proof of citizenship". It has been targeted at the Hispanics. As most of you know, Sergio is Mexican. Born in Monterrey, and came here at a few weeks. (His parents and siblings were already living in Detroit, however, his Mother traveled back to have her children born in Monterrey )how ironic that so many people travel to American just to HAVE their babies born here today). He has been a citizen since he was 18. ANYWAY~ He has been waiting for his Passport to be renewed. It should arrive any day... it did not arrive yet. He was slightly panicking looking for his citizenship papers the other evening. I don't believe they were found {I am ashamed to say, some things were not unpacked when we moved in September, and some things are misplaced}. I am hoping that in a few days, my tired ragged husband with his scruffy beard, dirty sunburned body and his equally tired rugged friend, don't look suspicious with a couple of young men out in the middle of nowhere! IT could be a different point of view for a different person! Let's hope I don't get a call that they have been "DETAINED". LOL


Mark Pressley said...

Janis, Good for Sergio! I am taking Jake out to Sedona in a little over a week to do some rock climbing. I love Arizona I have been thinking about you guys and the new law in Arizona and your feelings. I am torn on the whole subject, I could write for hours on it but will not because that is not where I am taking my Blog.

The thought of the government being able to just knock on your door and say show me proof is exactly what has had me fired up for years our government has grown out of control we are quite literally one step away from old communist Russia.

To the other side Arizona has a real problem it is costing them nearly a billion dollars a year to deport illegal aliens. America was founded on immigrants my family is two generations removed but the difference is they became legal and paid their taxes and were a financial asset to the country not an illegal financial drain – I.E. health care, education, crime etc. People are being killed on the boarders now due to gang crime.

I am truly scared where this country is going common since in our government went out the door nearly fifty years ago. If we let the government have that kind of control they will abuse the right, the government never just cleans up a mess and walks away they continually ignore the constitution until it does not represent anything other than big brother.

I hope Sergio’s trip is awesome sounds fun and well deserved.

Linda said...

That's wonderful for your husband! My husband and I don't have friendships separate from one another so I'm not accustomed to this, but it sounds like he will have a great time.

As for the other issue, I honestly haven't been following that news story very much at all - but I do firmly believe in LEGAL immigration ONLY. I believe I have a right to say that, being that my husband is Canadian and we did everything the legal route. As did my Grandfather who immigrated from Poland in the early part of the 1900's and I fully expect the same from others. No one shot us any breaks - we filed the forms, paid the fees, and went the responsible route. :)

Remington said...

How great! I hope they have a fun time!

Lori ann said...

I really hope he has a good and safe time, and never needs his papers or passport.
I think its important for a person to do this (if they want)take a trip or getaway on their own or with a friend.
You are lovely to support him Janis.
♥ lori

janis said...

Thank you all~ Yes, I am truly grateful that Sergio & I have "our" time too. For us, that makes us better spouses. Not to mention it allows us to do things we love that the other may not :)
Footnote about the passport~ it arrived this morning. Naturally. I texted Sergio with the FYI. They teased me that he had already been hauled in & paid some fines. lol he better be jk-ing. :) He is in heaven. Tells me it is wonderful. Perfect weather and he feels so at peace. He (& Brian) both have very stressful jobs and this is truly a blessing.
ps to Mark, you are so funny. I know you are being serious about what you wrote, but you kindof did just blog about your feelings about Arizona! Please feel free to get political here anytime :)

Mark Pressley said...

Yeah, I know it just boils up, so I let it out on your blog instead THANKS.

ps I have read the Arizona law and he only needs to produce a valid driver’s license.

An English Shepherd said...

Hope he has a fun time :-)


Reya Mellicker said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that he is not kept, for one second, from his vacation fun. Everybody needs to get away sometimes!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and your husband have a very healthy loving relationship. Many married couples do not exist outside of each other and while some would prefer it that way it's not always the healthiest choice. As far as the second issue goes, I hope your husband does not get racially profiled and arrested.

Rhonda said...

Hi Janis,
Thank you for stopping by! Congratulations to you as well on your marriage, 23 years is remarkable these days. I must admit I feel very fortunate, as I don't have many friends or family with marriages that have lasted as long as mine. I think it's fantastic that your hubby takes his vacation with his "bestie" and I hope he has a great time!

Have a great week!


How fun to go on a trip just for enjoyment. I've never done that before. Way overdo, I would say.

May they have the best time of their lives. Blessings to them. Safe travels and all.

Thanks for posting this fun read.
I for one am glad you decided to blog.
Writing: the ups and downs

Anonymous said...

Really good for Sergio to go on a vacation after so long! I am sure he will have loads of fun there with the guys.

When are you heading out for a girls only trip??