Saturday, April 17, 2010

a Taste of Spring w/ a touch of Summer

As it starts to warm here in Indiana, we are getting a beautiful splash of color.
The tulips are vivid.

The Trees are budding and so very fragrant.
Also making the Bees happy. They have flocked to the trees spreading their pollen (when not stinging my booty!)

The Magnolia bush is in full bloom as well. It's pink and white is breathtaking.

Mischa, thinks she is an outdoor cat. Sharpening her claws, ready to ponce. (Don't worry, she is an indoor cat. She only is pretending. The only poncing will be on a toy in the house!)

Then there's these little stinkers ... I must say, even the Dandelions look love to me today!


Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Beautiful photos and post,
Thanks for sharing.

Mark Pressley said...

The trees are so needed after a long winter it is amazing how better we all feel when spring finaly comes.

My address changed to:

Bridgette said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL, Janis!

JC said...

I think it's the color that makes the yellow weeds look good. I actually thought my daffs had made it through the Winter .. no, it was about 25 weeds dancing while laughing. My H pulled them out for me ...

And you kitty looks cute on the tree.