Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodbye to You, my Trusted Friends...

I am in mourning.
Laugh if you will, but I am sad. This is tougher than I thought it would be.
You see, for years, and years and years, I have been about the same size. A happy size. A ~damn I work hard & I like to wear cute/smart/stylish clothes while I can~ size. A few years ago I knew, this day was coming. I could feel it, sense it. I knew I should be careful, change eating habits, and start exercising.
Blah blah blah!
Part of me felt like, well, look at my cousins, my family, I felt like my metabolism will always let me be, that happy size. It took me years to get to a healthy weight. Years to "learn" to eat properly and maintain a healthy weight. Gaining was the problem, not losing. So, I trained myself for many years how to eat "hardy".
Life took a curve ball.
Suddenly, (okay not suddenly more like a period of two years in the making) my clothes started getting tighter and tighter. I jumped up a size, then another.
I know it is possible to lose weight. To get into shape. BUT~ these lovely items in the photo above haven't fit for TWO YEARS.
These are some of my favorite clothing pieces.
My suits... a few favorite suits that got me through ten years of being a fashionable Realtor. A couple of favorite dresses. MY GREEN DRESS!!!! Oh the memories in my green dress.. Dress it up, dress it down... Florida walking the beach , pearls and stilettos... this dress was so versatile. I got so much use out of it. My cute little two piece light blue dress w/ the beaded work on the skirt! I looked killer at my 20th reunion in it (yikes...that was two years ago!) .
I paid good money for these little friends. Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Hugo Buscati... On the brighter side... Most of these were purchased between 2000 - 2005. They still look great and are classics that are still stylish (kindof.. I mean, I would be wearing them..if they fit!).
I need to part with them. They have been snickering at me every time I step into the closet. They are begging to be worn, just not by me. I think it's time to go to the Jillian Center. (A Home for Battered Women & their children, that leave without a thing. The Jillian Center provides for these women, and our community offer finer clothing for them to get back into the work field). At least I know that would be a good home for them.
But I love these clothes!!!!
Stop it Janis! You will never be a two again! Say Goodbye!
Sheri~if you are reading this, I need you to come quick, they are back in my closet. It's time for an intervention!


Bridgette said...

Well with that gas you were talking about its no wonder they won't fit. Take some Gas-X and retry them on..LOL. I am kidding!!!
That just means you get to go shopping for some new clothes. :) Take them out of the closet Janis, and donate them to a good cause. If I lived closer I would come do an intervention. :)

JC said...

You silly ... bag em up and give them away. Buy NEW ... what fun !!!

sheri said...

I am on my way!

Reya Mellicker said...

Step slowly away from the old clothing. Put it in the recycle bin and carry on. Life is too short to worry about these things. Onwards & upwards!!!

janis said...

Thanks gals! With Sheri's intervention (thank you my friend), they have left my closet and in transit to a woman in need. So, onward, as Reya said, I am looking forward to moving on. After all, the clothes didnt make the memory, I just happen to be wearing them during the memories!

A human kind of human said...

I understand perfectly what it took to actually get them out of the house. I tend to move to small clothes that I love around the house from closet to closet, storing them for when I loose weight... and that never happens. Enjoy your shopping!