Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doing Time

Dakota's in the slammer.

His Crime:

This is what is left of Sergio's Bluetooth.


Luckily, Dakota did not get hurt (It was plugged into the charger).

Luckily, Sergio loves this Pup.

He will be forgiven.


Bridgette said...

What kind of dog is that?

janis said...

I know he looks like a Papillon, but he is actually a Parti-Colored Pomeranian. Rescued from a Amish Puppy Mill in Ohio. He is wondeful, but very nervous from his abuse. He is out of time already (only did 15 minutes for his crime). Because of his past, punishing him is very hard, you can't raise your voice, swat him or even give him a dirty look. I just picked him up showed him the ear piece and told him I did not like this and he needed to go think about it. He went straight to his crate (his safe spot). He is already happily on the bed with me now! He has us wrapped around his little paw!