Friday, April 16, 2010

Amigurumi World

My new adventure is to make theses cute little crochet animals. I want to make Owls for Emily (Chi Omega mascot) and Turtles for Annie (Delta Zeta mascot). I think they will be so cute in small sorority themed Christmas trees.
Thanks to my great blog friend Pam from . She sent me this book and encouragement to do it. ~Love you Pam! Promise to send a critter your way!~
It looks harder than I had anticipated. I am trying to muster the courage to get started... Or at least check my supplies for the guinea pig (well not really a guinea pig more like a ball, but it might look like a guinea pig if I give it a face).
So, no more stalling... I am going in! Wish me luck!


Pammy Sue said...

Good luck, Janis! I love you too, girlie!

Lori ann said...

how adorable! i don't know if i'm that good at crochet or i would try them too! good luck to you, you can do it!