Monday, March 8, 2010

OMGosh! Pixie Pets!

I just discovered this on ebay and Buddy am I ever excited! At first glance, I thought, are you kidding me? Nail polish for cats? I clicked it on so I could check it out. My daughter has a "Princess" cat that I thought Emily would get a kick out of such a product. I was wrong.

This is a super cool gadget that I wish I thought of!

It's the solution for us that do not want to put our Kitties through cruel declawing. (I hate to admit that three of my babies went through this. I feel horrible and had I know exactly what was done...I would never have done it! It was nearly twenty years ago and I am still so sorry that we did this. Sorry Baby, Mario & Dear Rocky (who is still with us).

So back to my posting...

They come in six colors and also in clear. They have different sizes (my cats are not the same size!) And they last 4-6 weeks.

GET THIS....They Also Come in DOG SIZES!!!!!

Are you excited too? Do you have DESTROYED hardwoods, door frames, and furniture? Lord have mercy! I DO!!!

For $16.99 I will receive 40 "Soft Paw Claws", adhesive, and instructions. I am waiting on Emily to pick a color for Isabelle and Isabelle and Meisha will be two styling cats!

If you want to order too, go to ebay..Pet Supplies, type in PixiePets or Soft Paw Claws.

I promise to add some pictures of my Cool Cats!


JC said...

I will go take a look ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan,

Katie's (Miles' girlfriend) cat, Ella, wears these. They are a hoot!


Anonymous said...

Jan, I want to caution you about those pet nail covers. We had someone come into the clinic and had those on her dog. Well, the problems we saw were that the nail grows too long, you can't clearly see the quick when cutting the nail. They are glued on with super glue, the pet will try to get them off because it is foreign to them. Dirt can potentially collect inside and cause problems. Best just to clip your dogs and cats natural nails, you can file them a bit too. I just live with the "distressed" look. I am no expert on this subject, check with your vet.

Just a head's up...deb