Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never Too Old For Dolls

Some of us gals will never be too old for Dolls. I guess I am one of them. I was blessed to have Daughters and hope that I will also be blessed to have Grand-daughters one day. I still can play very nicely with dolls.

When I was four years old, I received my first "best friend". Her name was Susie. This doll went everywhere with me. My parents had a situation that caused me to have to be apart from them and my sister for several weeks. They would see me when they could, but it was not as often as a four year old wants. I stayed with a nice family, but I was so young and frightened. Very grateful that I had my Susie with me. I also experienced Chicken pox, still away from my family, clinching my Susie for comfort. There were several situations that made for a scary childhood. I love my family, and I loved my Susie too.

I hung onto her throughout the years, saving her for my own girls to one day play with. Unfortunately, she did not fair well in basement & attic storage through the years. She succumbed to mold.

My ebay buddy, Pat, & I were looking at dolls the other day as she had excitedly received her Mrs. Beasley from her husband for Valentines Day (isn't he a Sweetie?). I knew that my Susie Doll was made by Mattel, and around 1965. I did not know of her "real" name though, and have never seen her when looking up vintage dolls. Much to my surprise, she appeared on ebay as "Teachin Keen". Exclusively made for Sears. OH MY GOSH! I had to have her! Luckily no one else felt the way I did and I won her at a pretty fair market price. She is in wonderful condition, and even still talks!

She is missing one shoe, but I think my original did too. "Susie" arrived yesterday and is sitting in my office on a shelf anxiously waiting to be played with by children again one day. Until then, she will keep me company as I pound away on the keys, sharing TMI on my Blog!

ps.. great experience with this ebay seller! Luckily it wasn't the crazy one!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I think dolls are scary, especially the talking ones! I'll take a teddy bear, thank you very much...don't put that in my room when I come to visit...deb

Linda said...

I've always LOVED dolls as well!! :) But hey, that's not Susie! lol I'm joking with you, because you might remember that MY Susie looked quite different. I named my first doll Susie also, but she was a Horsmann brand doll and Jim bought me a replacement from an online doll shop many years ago when I lamented the fact that I threw out my original Susie back when I was pregnant with Sarah and on a cleaning binge. What was I thinking??? You know me - I cherish every old thing, why would I have thrown her out? (Let it go Linda, let it go)

Anyway - yes, I love dolls and that's great that you located your dear Susie. ♥

A human kind of human said...

This is so sweet and I am happy for you for finding "Susie" again. I have a teddy bear that was given to me when I was 7 years old. He brings back so many happy memories whenever I take him out of storage.