Sunday, March 7, 2010

Into the Tunnel

My daily commute to the office involves going through a few tunnels. I walk a total of just over 2 miles though tunnels. This includes going through a couple of buildings and a brisk outside walk as well.

I walked these same tunnels back in the 70's, when my mother worked downtown. Back then, security wasn't like it is today. My Bestie & I would go meet my Mom for lunch and take these shortcuts that few knew about. We thought we were cool as my Mom showed us these tunnels to use. Little did I know, one day I would be trekking through on my own, daily, to get to my office. Today, they are very secure. You can not go into the tunnels without scanning your badge and passing security stations. Which is good, I certainly feel safer. However, it is also kindof creepy, when I go through them in the morning, they are empty and erie like the pictures.

Years ago I worked at the Indiana Deaf School. We had tunnels there too. It is interesting how many places have tunnels to get from point A to point B. I use to think we had so many of them because Indiana has such unpredictable weather. I now believe we have these mystery tunnels everywhere.
The weird thing is they look the same. Very 1950's.

I had some really cool pictures of my journey into work. Decided maybe not such a good idea to share them. Security issues. So, I am only sharing these very bland boring shots. They are still kindof cool though. I wonder how they keep these tunnels so freaking clean & shinny?


Anonymous said...

Are you recycling now? This reads a whole lot like one you've posted before.

An English Shepherd said...

Those tunnels look very clean :-)


janis said...

when did I ever write about this? I just took the pictures a couple of weeks ago? Sorry if I am repeating.. I certainly dont remember this. I will check though! :(

lakeviewer said...

I guess they are for convenience. Good to see you, Janis.

Anonymous said...

I did not know Indy had one. Really cool.


A human kind of human said...

This is such an interesting concept to me. Over here in the RSA (Republic of South Africa - if I just say SA people think I am writing about Saudi Arabia - lol) we do not have this or if we do they are very short and very rare. Now I have learned something new about your lifestyle, thanks. As for repeating yourself, go ahead, after all it is your blog, you can do as you please!

janis said...

We have ALOT of tunnels. And I have a feeling they are not just for the convenience. I am also guessing that most cities also have them, but unless you work for the state or government, you may not know about them.
Mark~ remember the House of Blue Light tunnel? Did you ever go?

Anonymous said...

I tend to be a bit of a conspiracies guy so I have many thoughts on the tunnels and know of them in other cities, I just had not heard of them here in Indy, thanks now I have a new research mission.

There is a tunnel from Michigan into Canada under the Great Lakes that you drive through it is absolutely amazing water actually leaks in to has to ease the pressure on the walls, it’s a weird feeling while going through.

Many a party at the House of Blue Lights there is a lot of information on the web now about Skiles Test he was a neat guy that had several things on the property that caused all the commotion but the funny part was the stories about his dead wife because he was actually married three times no dead wife. That pool was the first solar heated one ever.
Folk lore at 16 and a bottle of Jack was a lot of fun. I would love to walk my kids up there now has it is a nature trail but I would not take anyone to that park now for reasons you probably know.