Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Be a Labking!

I have recently joined the world of eBay. Oh what fun! It is like going through an antique store and marveling over lost treasures. I actually first checked them out many years ago, however, recently, a friend of mine and I have been joyfully looking for our childhood doll friends. Pat (remember our trip to Barbie World?) and I found our old Kiddles during a break at work one day. Then we started checking through others. Pat has been searching for her old Mrs Beasley while I searched for my old Suzie doll.

I started venturing out and discovered great finds especially with dishes and glassware. I ran across a Pink Depressed Canister Jar, that I was quite fond of. It was cheap too. A small flaw was keeping it from being a true collectors find, so I bid on it. Much to my surprise I "won" it.

I quickly went through the payment process and anxiously awaited my first purchase.

When it arrived, I was slightly disappointed. I feared it was broken as it was poorly packaged in a box it did not fit (sticking out on top). The silver electric tape also was an indication that I was not dealing with a professional. Once opened, I was thrilled that it was not broken but again disappointed that this item was rather dirty with grim in the depressions and a sticky tape across the bottom. At least, it will clean up. At least I got a great price on it.

Days later, after ignoring the emails from eBay requesting feedback, I decided I should go ahead or I would just keep getting the emails.
I mentioned how much I loved the piece, and what a great price I got on it. I mentioned the downside as being poorly packaged, and dirty. However, I gave a "Neutral" rating rather than a "Positive" or a "Negative". I also checked that I was not sure I would shop with this seller again.

Wow. Did I piss someone off.

I started getting messages from this seller:
labking**"How date you give me a neutral. That went through the dishwasher and was in mint condition. I will respond to your neutral and absolutely block you. You have buyer's remorse and are bitter. don't ever come near my auctions agains".
labking**I have just blocked you and you can never bid on my auctions. That is a VERY poor way to start your experience with ebay. Once that happens, additional sellers will block you also. Too bad you wouldn't contact me and you were so bitter. I am a wonderful seller to work with and have never had a problem except with you. That was absolutely a mint, cleaned item. Too bad you're old and bitter. Good Luck and you will need it.

janis** "Wow...good thing I didn't give you bad feedback! I felt it was priced very well, pretty & I love it. I kept getting reminders of feedback and I was only being honest. It was poorly shipped, too big for the box. It had dirt in all the depressions. I had to scrub the dirt out. It had a strange sticky substance on one side like a piece of tape (like the electric tape you used on the box perhaps) had been stuck to it. Don't fret, I have no intention on shopping with you again. FYI~ not mint condition and "dare" is not spelled "date"

labking**First of all it came directly out of my dishwasher so it would be perfect. The sticky tape might be on the cookie jar. The box was the just the right size. Hey if it was too small the cookie jar would have broken. I have sold hundreds of items and this is my first time someone has been such a b....h. If this is your first ebay transaction, I pity anyone that has to deal with you. It was NEVER stated in mint condition. Need I remind you I mentioned there was a tiny chip in the lid? Or did you think you were going to "steal" the jar? If that chip wasn't in the lid you would have paid more than 20 dollars for it. FYI-it just shows how bitter and miserable you are by correcting me on my spelling. Your sneaky and that is a real negative in the ebay community. I've notified ebay about blocking you. They have a box that is checked that asks sellers if they are willing to deal with "difficult" buyers. Even when I started I refused to deal with ugly people because life has way too much drama already in it. I hope you can be decent and respectful of the next poor seller you'll be deal with. Don't ever contact me again loser."

Okay Doky..I got me a winner. I quickly sent this to the "inappropriate mail" people and said, this is why we don't want to give honest feedback. I didn't even give negative feedback. Block this scary person from being able to message me.

So hopefully, this Kookoo will keep her distance. She has my real name, and address, from mailing me item. Great. At least she is from another state. How can someone like this do busy an a regular basis.

My friend, Pat and I now have a new saying when someone is being just a little overly sensitive and crazy... "Labking".
So, remember, Don't be a Labking!


Bridgette said...

Janis, how "date" you give this poor person neutral feedback. Just for that I am blocking you from my blog. LOL...just kidding. Some people can be so rude! I am glad you reported her to Ebay! I hope her rude butt gets in trouble! :)

Jenifer said...

I would have turned into a 6 year old and posted her e-mail in her feedback comment section if at all possible! Crazy lady!! You did the more mature thing though and hopefully they contacted her and told her what a "nut" she is. You obviously have way more class than she does.

Linda said...

Oh Janis, I'm so sorry this happened to you!! ♥ How frustrating and rude!!!! There are indeed some really nutsos out there!

I used eBay for years and thankfully never once had a bad experience.

A human kind of human said...

This Labking is ridiculous beyond measure, not to mention rude. Thanks for the post. If I ever decide to bid on something on E-Bay I will make sure it will not be from her. Just laught it off.