Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music Appreciation

I love music.

I am one of those souls that music goes into me and flows like my blood. Like the air I breathe. I like to feel the music, the passion, the pain and the emotions.

I have always loved music of all types. I may be listening to Diane Krall one minute and Eminien the next. I will enjoy a great classical like Beethoven, then can go right into a Martina McBride. An old Aerosmith as well as a new favorite such as Kate Nash.

Music speaks to my soul. Can make me smile and can make me cry.

I can still hear my daughters singing songs throughout their childhoods into today. I rarely catch them now, but every now & then... I am blessed with their voices in song.

The songs in my playlist currently are not for everyone.
The words may be offensive to some, but, music has a way of expression that makes it come across differently. I don't mind it. Sometimes certain words can make the point a little sharper.

These songs actually make me smile too. But remember... these are not for everyone. Click with caution!


Linda said...

We love all sorts of music as well :) Daughter has one of the most varied playlists of anyone I know, similar to you, where she will have Sinatra side by side with Fireflight, Never Shout Never, Owl City, The Beatles, and Taylor Swift.

I easily get bored with the same style of music and am therefore always switching about, listening to different songs.

Fun topic! ♥

Reya Mellicker said...

Curse words move lots of energy, so if they are well-used in music (and in life) they can create lots of sparks.

I love that David Bowie song. Must go to itunes and buy it straightaway!