Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Just Look Like A Psycho Crazy Lady!

Today I had to get a new license.

I was suppose to get one back in August 2008 when we first moved from New Palestine. To be honest, I didn't know it was such a big deal. It wasn't expired. I happen to move and have a different address, that's all. Then I found out it's a big deal in Indiana. It is apparently an invalid license because the information on it is no longer valid. Hmmm. I still kept putting it off. Again & Again.
This morning I was not going to let anything stop me. I was gonna get that darn thing!

I got to the BMV at 11:00am. I stood in line for 45 minutes to get to the first window. Then had to wait another 45 minutes. then another 15. Which is fine. I knew it would be long, given it's Saturday.

The funny thing about it is this:
In Indiana, we are no longer allowed to smile on our License (Well, you can slightly, but no teeth!). Nothing on the head (scarfs, hats, hoods, sunglasses) Hair has to be out of the face too. It has to do with the new technology in face recognition.

I have been practicing my "SMEYES". You do know what that is, right? You do if you are a "America's Next Top Model". Tyra Banks has introduced the smile with your eyes. Very sexy & cool... When you are under forty!

What the Sam Hell? I look like a crazy lady. A real Psycho Killer! They also give you a paper license kindof a receipt instead of the real mc-coy and will mail me my license in about a week. (That is why it's a black & white mug shot).
Gosh! I miss the old old days when the license were on a piece of paper with no picture! (Okay, I am not that old but my folks had them!)
My neck looks real thick too. what's up with that?


Ziongirl said...

Crazy Psycho Lady!!!!!!!!!!! You kill me..........I don't think I have ever had a drivers license photo that I have liked.....

Ziongirl said...

Crazy Psycho Lady!!!!!!! You kill me. I don't ever remember a photo of myself on a license that I liked.!! Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Janie! What's all the fuss - you look beautiful to me!!!