Thursday, February 4, 2010

hello little spider

"One lonely spider sipped her tea while gazing at the sky..."
David Kirk, "Miss Spider's Tea Party". This is one of my Annie's favorite childhood books. I read it over and over. Then she read it over and over when she learned to read.

This is "Webster". Annie got him on her 2nd Christmas (she was 14 months old). She pulled him around, his bow tie & antennas wiggled, his legs wobbled. Annie would laugh and laugh. She liked to chase her big sis with it. (Emily didn't like "bug" toys.)
The funny thing is she can't stand spiders now. I always thought she would grow up like her Momma, rescuing them. Capturing the one's that got into the house and releasing them outside. Somewhere down the road, something changed and she, well, she is very frightened by them. (I probably scared her with the toy spiders).
And here we have the spider living in my bathroom. Surprisingly, we have not found many spiders in this house. (The house was empty for over a year, so it is very unusual not to have them). I found this little transparent guy in the laundry room last week. Then he disappeared for a couple of days. Yesterday, he reappeared in my bathroom. That is a pretty long haul for a little spider. As I tried to get his picture, he kindof freaked out. (Camera shy?) I chased him around (VERY FAST LITTLE GUY!) snapping pictures. I finally got this one (please ignore the dirty rug...ugh!). I haven't captured and released because it is too cold outside. I don't think he bites... Gosh I hope not! So until I find a reason to send him on his way, I hope he stays out of Sergio, the dogs & the cats way. They don't share the same love of eight legged creatures that I do!


A human kind of human said...

I also rescue and set free. I would not say that I am fascinated with creepy crawlies, but I also see no reason to just kill them off. Very few of our spiders here in SA are poisonous and some are quite beautiful.

Anonymous said...

He is called a Yellow House Spider, he can not puncture the skin but has a small amount of venom. Outside would be a grave yard for him. I try and release them also but if push comes to shove I squish em.


janis said...

Thank you Anne & MArk!. Yellow Hosue Spider huh? Good to know! Yeah, I kindof figured it was tooo cold. Cute little thing. Likes the two warmest rooms in the house. Mark~ wheere did you go??? Everyone is asking me about where your blog went. Will you return with another? Please? Love to Nancy & family!

Anonymous said...

GROSS. get her out of there before she lays eggs and there are millions. put her in the garage at least! sick mom! -em :)

Anonymous said...

Went to Florida, 81 yesterday my daughter just gave me hell for being here and her there!
Doubtful on another Blog two fold I can't behave and I sometimes get involved in business that I do not need personal information out on the web. Still follow along yours though and will chime in from time to time. Love to all of your family.