Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forever In Love

The other day as I rushed through a walk on a work break, I saw the sweetest sight.

A couple, well into their 70's. holding hands, laughing as they walked & talked downtown. I could see the love luminate around them. I wondered how long have they been in love?

That is what I hope for Sergio and I.

Years ago, while visiting my Grandparents, I witnessed true love. They were in the middle of a silly argument. I sat there across from them sipping on my coffee, waiting for them to decide who was correct. It was an argument about something unimportant, and Grandpa keep saying, "but Honey, you are wrong...", then in the middle of the argument, my Grandma, noticed something on his face, and tenderly wiped it off, and saying something about you got a little something on you, he asked, "Oh..did you get it?" they switched gears, talked about, what the heck that was and they completely forgot about the argument. They even kissed after she wiped his face.

I said, "that is so what I want for Sergio & I". They looked confused, I said you forgot about who was right or wrong and switched to caring for each other so quickly. Your love for each other is so sweet. I love you for always showing me it is okay to have little spats but to remember whats important.
We laughed and and discussed marriage, expectations and my Grandpa said how happy he was that Sergio & I found each other. He told me how proud he was of me. How grateful he was that I had a man that loved me so much, and he truly felt that I already had "it" with Sergio.

This was one of my final conversations before his death. It makes me so happy to have this memory.

To have a marriage that is give and take, 100% on both sides, and to truly be full of love is a Blessing that I hold very dear.

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"... robert browning


Laura said...

what a beatiful picture ! really captured a moment right there :) good job !

sheri said...

Yes, hold onto this.

Anonymous said...