Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Reads!

I got some new Books to read! Always exciting to get new books! Actually none of them are physically new, but used books seem to have even more of a lure to me as they have been enjoyed by others and recommended to me.
1st we have "Boundaries" by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. This is a Christian point of view on setting healthy boundaries and helping one learn how to say NO and when to say YES. Definitely a must read for me. A friend at work asked me if I would like to have it as she felt this may help me as sometimes... I may be too nice (believe it or not) and I allow others to take an advantage of me. Kindof have my whole life so this will be a much needed read for me.
2nd we have "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. As you may recall this was recently made into a movie. A nice little romantic story that my daughter, Emily, enjoyed very much and is sharing it with me. I have just begun this book and look forward to escaping into it.

3rd we have an all time favorite of mine that I have been wanting to own for several years. "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations" by John Bartlett. I found the 17th Edition at "Half Price Books" for a mere $14.00. HUGE SAVINGS!!! I feel in love with this book of Quotes years ago, finding it on my Bestie Sheri's bookshelves. I have borrowed hers, and always told myself to buy a copy, taking this long to actually do it. I find this to be the best resources of passages, phrases and proverbs. Quick & easy to find what I am looking for. the first volume was published in 1855 and only 258 pages. Today (or the 17 version which was published in 2002) it has grown to 1431 pages. I want to get an early edition as well as a newer edition. I love this book! I highly recommend this to all!

Well, I best be off. I should be watching the Colts vs the Jets game with my Hubby. I really want the Colts to win of course, but I am not that interested in Football. Maybe I will bring a book in there!


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Linda said...

BOOKS!! I love them old and new! I have several that I need to be reading - Jim got me a giant Jane Austin volume for Christmas and also several other books last Christmas. I've been bad about reading books this year, because I've been writing.

Do you know that we don't even watch any sports in our house? I wouldn't have even known a football game was on, except for the comments I saw on Facebook. :)

An English Shepherd said...

Interesting books (the boss reads loads of them...)

Wizz :-)