Monday, January 18, 2010

It's A Barbie World!

Here is Pat, Barbie & Me!
This morning my friend Pat & I went to The Indianapolis Children's Museum. We anxiously awaited for this day, just like all the little & big girls, getting a chance to see the Barbie Exhibit.
Pat is a collector. She raised boys, therefore, unlike myself, didn't get to play with Barbie's for an extra ten years while my daughters went through the Barbie era. The only Barbie's I have left are pretty ratty, or should I say, "well loved".
We were thrilled to see some of the same we had growing up.

Ahh! Remember these?
Here are the last ones I remember owning. (I think that was during my Sis & I's period of leaving Barbie & Ken in the camper & spying on them to see if they were "doing anything", or maybe that was my girlfriends... Julie was smarter than me!)

They also had beautiful sketches from the designer, as well as some incredible full size dresses displayed.
(Here is a Betsey Johnson Dress!)

All in all it was a lovely exhibit. We were slightly disappointed, as we were hoping to see a Barbie represented for every year. They had many hands on fun for the little girls. Such a delight to watch little girls on the "Barbie Runway", the "Designing Dresses" and the "Barbie Office" play stations.

The Gift Shop was amazing with many collectibles. I talked Pat into a beautiful Black Label porcelain like collectible. I should have taken a photo of Pat and her new Barbie! She was very excited!

Barbie did alot of different things for different little girls. Yeah, yeah, several felt they are "bad body image" and all that crap. Whatever! Some little girls liked to pretend through the dolls. Play dress up, take care of them and explore the possibilities. Personally, I loved Barbie. Mine even had a GI Joe come hang out for a few years (he was so ruggedly handsome!)

My Therapist has a Barbie sitting in her office. She uses her in Conferences when she is a speaker. Her Barbie has a little Vise attached to her head. Screwed on tightly. It is a model of how many of us feel! It makes me laugh.

All in all, I love Barbie. I am glad she was my friend. I am glad she was my daughters friends. Who couldn't use a friend like Barbie?


Linda said...

Janis, This is soooo much fun, it makes me smile! :D Barbie - what a cool exhibit and yes, I had some of those dolls and that camper set as well. My sisters and I seemed to have every Barbie and accessory known to exist - yes, we were spoiled, but we were loved greatly. I never had any image problems due to playing with Barbie - and I loved your comment about G.I. Joe - he sure was, wasn't he?

Anyway - thanks for the trip down memory lane and the pictures are great - how cute of you and your friend with Barbie. :)

lakeviewer said...

A life sized Barbie? You two look like twins. Great to see you around blogland. How is the job?

~Sandy~ said...

Neat place!!!! I sent you a facebook friend request:)

Lori ann said...

glad you had so much fun with your friend! love the *happy* photo.