Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel!

Last night, my Annie's little truck was broke into. The villain, made a mess of her truck, pulling everything out of the glove box and box between the seats. He/she made off with her hidden ipod, chargers, & accessories. All the change in her ash tray. And of all things, stole her tiara! Annie has had her tiara since she was 12. She wears it on her birthday, and whenever she wants to be a princess. She kept it on the car dash. It is just a cheap little rhinestone crown that has no value other than sentimental. She asked, "Seriously, who would take that?" I am so ticked. Annie is so sweet. I would have rather they hit our cars/trucks. Although it appears they may have tired. There are marks from where one of those Pop-A-Lock things went in through the window-rubber part on Annie's truck. There were marks on Sergio's truck, but Annie's must have been easier to manipulate. Looks like they tired to get Sergio's wheel rims.

The dogs have been jumpy. Several nights they went off, but we never saw anyone when they would and sometimes we just called them back in our room. Last night they slept through the night! We have had some hits on our street lately. We still think we are safe back in New Palestine. We forget how the city can be. Although in all fairness, our neighborhood in NP also was hit several times. Sergio claims to be sleeping in the Living Room tonight, thinking they will be back to finish his truck. I doubt it.
We feel violated once again. I really don't like this area. Some of the neighbors are so nice, but, I am anxious to move on and out!
I actually said a prayer for whoever did this. Really that is all I can do. (Yes, we had Annie file a report to the Police.) We lock our doors, have three loud watch dogs (okay, yes I realize they slept through it this time!) I am mad, but I think of how many things that could have been worse, and I am thankful, Annie is okay, Emily is okay, Sergio & I are okay, and our lovies, the cats & dogs are okay.So, chin up and carry on!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Billy Too!

So Sunday morning, Billy Mays was found dead at home. He was just 50 years old.

What the heck?

There goes the "They Come In Threes" theory.

Many may not know the name Billy Mays, however, his booming voice is unforgettable. He is the King of infomercials and has been endorsing products for years. Sergio & I enjoyed his enthusiasm.

I am sure he is in Heaven now saying, "Hey Folks, Billy Mays here to tell you..."

God Bless his Family.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Current Reads

These are my current reads. One of my "Birthday New Years Resolutions", is that I read more. Pleasure stuff. Just for me.

Bad Dog, by Doug & Kaori Brown is a charming little collection of stories from pet owners, (as spoken through the dog's point of view) and the mishaps they get themselves into. Funny short stories. Definitely a fun read. My Mom found this book and gave it to me for my birthday. It is adorable.

The Almost Moon, by Alice Sebold, is a profound novel of a woman who goes to the point of breaking. The first chapter tells us of how the lead character kills her mother. If you are familiar with Alice Sebold, you know how her stories are dark and hard to put down. She thrilled me with The Lovely Bones and Lucky. I heard she had a new novel in a recent magazine. I can't find it though. I did come across this one that I missed. I will read, then hopefully find this new novel. Something about mental illness. I have forgotten the title and hope I find the article, remember or find it somewhere. (Getting old, forgetful!)

Well, the hubby is looking for me. Best be going to see what he needs.

Grab a book and have a nice read this evening!


Endorsement time!

This is the stuff that saved my finger. I have never used it before, just happen to have this in the first aid box (must have had a coupon, and bought just in case).

I had instant relief. By the end of the day, I could not even feel the sting spot.

Buy this and stick it in your first aid kit. It is fabulous!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stupid Meet Stupid

I am an animal lover. Even the scary ones. Even the pesky insects. I feel that God created these lovely beast for a reason. Which is enough for me to feel love toward them all.

My Blog friend Lori, from, Lori times five (http://loritimesfive.blogspot.com/ ) recently blogged about her adventures in Africa, and some of the critters that joined her journey. She is much braver than I! I admire her and love reading her blog. I highly recommend her blog.

Anyway, back to my Stupid Meet Stupid.

This morning I decided to rescue a wasp that has been trapped in the kitchen window for a couple of days. I have been watching him get so close to the hole where he entered, but then stupidly can't seem to crawl back through it. This morning, I feared he has been without food & water too long and would need me to help him. Me, being the other Stupid.

I put some knit gloves on, and proceeded to open the window enough to stick my hands in. I have gotten the outside window opened up a bit, and I tried to shoo him out. He panicked and kept trying to go the other way. So, then I gentle cupped my gloved hand over him, caught him and proceeded to let him out to the outside. The little Bastard stung me, THROUGH THE GLOVE! I let him go, he flew back in and I tended my wound. Ouch! I have not been stung by anything in many years. Bugs seem to be at peace around me and we get along in harmony, until today.

I left the outside window opend ajar, and he still can't figure it out. It is up to him now, I am done. Leave it to me to meet a stupid wasp!

Time TO Change The Music

Hope I didn't drive you too crazy with the Hold Music previously. Felt it was time to change the music, so here's a little piece of me and my favorites.
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

they come in threes...

The obvious conversation currently here in America as well as across the world I am sure, is the loss of musician Michael Jackson. Although saddened to see this gifted performer die, I was just as sad to hear of Ed McMahan and Farrah Fawcett passing as well.

First we loss Ed. Wonderful sidekick to Johnny Carson. He was also known as The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes King. All in all, a wonderful gentleman. What he had experienced recently with his financial troubles, and decision to share publicly was an eye opener to all that it can happen to anyone in a nano-second. He was blessed to live a good long life.

Farrah died yesterday morning following her horrible battle with Colon Cancer. I don't think the news surprised anyone. She has been gravely ill and it has been newsworthy to report her progression of this fight. Farrah was quite the icon for us 70's kids. The girls all wanted to be her or at least one of Charlies Angels. We tried desperately to mimic her lovely feathered bangs. The boys, well they just wanted to be with her! Her poster was up on walls in boys rooms across the country. She surprised us with her award winning performance in The Burning Bed. And she shocked us with her irate strange behavior in recent years. She fought her Colon cancer quietly, till the end. She inspired many.

We also got the surprising news late yesterday afternoon of Micheal Jackson being rushed to the hospital with some sort of heart complication. Many wondered if this was just another of his bizarre episodes. But, quickly learned that he died at age 50. Micheal oozed with talent. We all know that. The man could sing, dance, perform like crazy. He had a kind gentleness about him. BUT he was extremely weird. One heckofa oddball. I need not even go into the bizarre stories, you can read or watch them on every page and channel of tabloid magazines. Although I was not a big fan of Michael's, I respected this performers talent.

Which brings us to the threes.

Isn't it strange? Do you see that death seems to come in threes? My Mom use to say it, and it always did seem that way. I hear others say it too. So, what is up with that? It aways freaks me out a bit. Any theories?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping In Hades

My loving husband and I are not on the same page lately when it comes to the temperature.

He's cold.
I'm hot.
All of the time.

Now, in all fairness, I may be experiencing Menopause, therefore, explaining my unfailing heatwaves. Also, Sergio, has experienced a health change, therefore gets chills easily.


It's freakin' 95 degrees here in Indy!

Every night I wake in a pool of sweat, and look over at my husband wrapped in covers.

He teases me that I have my personal fan blowing on me most of the night. I tease him when I wake to find him wrapped in a blanket.

I am beginning to understand the old people thing about having separate beds or even separate rooms. I am not there, nor do I plan to be. However, I can't wait to get cold in the over- air conditioned office!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IRS & Hold Music

Yesterday I had a couple of phone calls that were necessary to wait on hold.

First, a credit card payment, then a call to the IRS.

The credit card, payment should have been a breeze. I told Emily I would make a payment on her account, which I have done dozens of times. No sweat. Call, punch in numbers, get confirmation, hang up. Not so easy this time. I had to hold for an associate. Crap. I wanted automated. I know I called the right number. But, it was a quarter till 5:00pm and I needed this to go through before 5 so she wouldn't get hit with a late fee.

I know what you are thinking. It's not even my account! Why didn't Emily take care of it? Well, because being the control freak that I am, I told her I would handle this credit card so it would always be on time and I could monitor it. Regardless, I forgot about it, until the last day of the cycle. I know, I know! Emily would be better at this. We were just trying to help so she would get a head on the whole credit issue.

REGARDLESS! Let's get back to the story!

Erica had a little problem "allowing" me to make the payment because I am not authorized. Give me a break lady. I have the statement in my hand, daughter in transit at rush hour to get back to Muncie. Just let me make a payment like I have so many times before. It is not like I wanted any information about her account. I am just wanting to make a freakin' payment! So now, it is after 5:00pm and I am afraid if I hang up a late fee will also be charged. Erica assures me if Emily calls back this evening, tells them I am authorized to make payments, they will still waive the fee, but she will have to tell them Erica is going to waive it and why. Goshhhh! She isn't good with this kind of confrontation! But, what chose do we have.

Next stop is a call to the IRS. Just a little notation for our account that needs to be made.

I get through and wait 22 minutes for the first associate Mr. Blah Blah, associate number 1234567. I tell him what I need. Then have to go through a cluster of questions verifying I am who I am. He then puts me on hold... 7 minutes later he tells me he is sorry for the hold, thanks me for my patience, and he will be right with me... 7 minutes later he is back. Thanks me then tells me to hold on while he transfers me so the notation can be made. 41 minutes later, I get Ms. Smartypants, associate number 7654321. How may she help me? Are you kidding? You tell me, Ms Smartypants, Mr Blah Blah told me to hold for you. He was making a notation in my account and told me to hold to get connected to have the notation completed. What? You need me to go over with you what Mr Blah Blah and I discussed? Can't you look at my account and read the notation? Okay... Blah Blah Blah. Oh? you need to verify who I am again? Okay..blah blah blah. What? No, please don't put me on hold. I use to love these two songs you play for us people on hold, but I don't think my brain can handle another round. Do you have the notation? Oh. Mr Blah Blah did take care of it? Okay doky, thank you Ms Smartypants, you have a good day too. Bye Bye!

Have you ever held for the IRS? I have. More than once.

The hold music is always the same.

These two songs I am playing for you now if you have the playlist enabled.

Tchaikovsky's Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
Beethoven's Fur Elyse

I think that it's a plot to drive you crazy. What use to be beautiful has slightly been ruined for me. At least for now.
Any suggestions how to get a song or melody out of your head? I have been listening all day to the radio, but to no avail. I'm still humming these two classics.

Ohh! And by the way, Emily took care of her business in like two minutes flat. I spent an hour and a half, mostly on hold!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is upon us.

Another Hallmark Holiday. Although I do love these holidays to take the time to reflect, remember and be grateful.

My Father isn't the only Man I honor on this day. I am forever grateful and in admiration to my Dad. He managed to love us, provide for us, be extremely funny, despite the burdens and crosses he carried. He taught me perseverance and to always do my best.

I also honor my husband, who is a darn good father! Sergio has always been on top it it. He thinks ahead and prepares well. He has always pushed the girls lovingly and given them strong survival skills. He worked himself to death to provide the best for us. Always made sure the girls had whatever they wanted but helped me make sure they were not spoiled. I am so proud of him. I think he has almost gotten over being present at the girls birth, although I heard him tell a young father to be, "DON'T GO! You don't want to be there. It's awful". He still gets creepy chills from memories of being there! He would have preferred the waiting room!

My Father-In-Law, for being Sergio's father as well as an important person in our lives. He has molded the man I love and helped him be the father he is.

My friend Paul Riley. Sheri's father, who I love dearly and think is about the best father anyone could be blessed with. He has always made me feel special, and loved. I still feel so at home when I visit Sandy & Paul.

My friend Nick Seats, father to Ron, Rich & Kim. He lived in the neighborhood where we grew up and helped me with things that my Dad just didn't think about (no fault to Dad, but regardless, I am glad Nick always made sure my car was running A-1 and often checked the engine, taught me how to change the oil and that kind of stuff.)

My Grandfather Texas, I think about. I can not even begin to mention all this great man taught me. I am so Blessed to have been a big part in his life. Living with him & Grandma Kitty through the summers, I gained knowledge, love and character. I know I live my life according to what I learned from them. I will forever miss him, but know he will forever be in my heart.
I had some great photos to add to this blog, but I have misplaced them and spent to much time searching! So, a picture of Sergio w/ his baby girls will have to do. Maybe the other photos will find their way to another Blog entry!
Happy Father's Day! To everyone that has in some way, inspired, encouraged, set example or just been fatherly!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday Quote

Quote for the day!!!

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways -
Chardonnay in one hand -
chocolate in the other -
body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming
'WOO HOO, What a Ride

It's My Birthday

Today I turn 47 years old. Yikes! I don't feel 47, then again, yeah, I do.

I am at work, so I have to be brief but wanted to post a little something to mark this day.

I walked into my "cubical" to find it nicely decorated by my dear co-workers. I love them. They are so dear. They affectionally refer to me as "The Office Mom". I am old enough to have mothered 3/4th's the office staff! That is okay. I am comfortable with the title and love these young adults. They have taught me much and hopefully I have taught them a thing or two.

We are having a pitch-in today at work to celebrate May & June birthdays. I can smell the food already and can't wait to eat.

Tonight, my Emily will come to town with her sweet Mike. Along with Annie & Nathan, and Sergio, we are going to dinner. I think we will go to Buca Di Beppo for some yummy Italian food.

On my Birthday, I will make my New Year Resolutions. After all, this is a new year for me. I will do my best to improve myself, like myself better, and expect less from myself. I won't bore you with the list, but I am looking forward to the challenges.

I think this is gonna be a good year.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I like shoes. Annie LOVES shoes. She gets that from Aunt Sheri.

These are from Annie's closet. She also has a ton of "flat" shoes too. She is my Shoe Queen. I can't imagine walking in most of these. Maybe there was a day... Heck, I still love high heels but 3 inches are good for me. Annie likes them high. 4 inches, 5 inches. She likes walking tall. Good thing her boyfriend is tall!

I appreciate that both my daughters dress nice. They clean up well! They also look cute when they dress down.

When I was their ages it was the early 80's. BIG HAIR and FASHION MISHAPS. Not a real pretty sight, but we thought we looked pretty cool.

This photo was taken in 1986. Nice dress! Big hair. Look at the hottie with me. That is Sergio in the dating days. Awe, aren't we cute? By the way, I am wearing heels. Probably some 3-4 inches!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Graduate

Her she is! Our lovely High School Graduate! The Baby is grown. She has completed her required education and is eager to move on to bigger and better things. Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana is welcoming her as one of their promising Freshmen Class of 2013.
Her graduation was wonderful. She presented the Staff and Administrators as well as her fellow students and all of us guest, with a warm welcoming speech. She is a natural. Well spoken, never fumbling with names, and keeps the audience listening with interest. She graced the stage with her lean figure and 5 inch heels, with a smile and confidence. She spoke loud and proud.
She is graduating in the top quarter of her class. She served as Class Vice President, Yearbook Editor, Peer Mediator, Natural Helpers, ASL Ambassadors, National Honors Society, Quill & Scroll Honors, Quiz Bowl Team, and several committees. She participated in Cheerleading, Tennis, and Golf.
She was on Homecoming Court both her Freshman & Senior Years.
She was voted "Best Dressed."
She has friends of all walks. She doesn't care the color of your skin, your religion, your sex, or your family background. She never meets a stranger, just a potential friend. She will give you the world.
She will take BSU by storm. The Journalism Department wont know what hit them.
She is an extremely talented young woman and she will succeed in whatever she decides to do.
I love this amazing daughter. I can't wait to watch her fly.

Hello My Friends!

I am going to attempt to catch up a bit.

So much oozing out of my thoughts... it can't be good to keep this all in! I love to rant and rave. Venting and pouring out my heart and soul. It is the best therapy and I miss you all.

My birthday resolution is going to be,

" Make sure and give myself 30-60 minutes to myself each day."

So, lets get started!

Love to you all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Give Up On Me Baby!

Okay Okay! I know I am slacking on the Blog!

I am upside down and inside out! My life is CRAZY and I am running in a million different directions.

So much to share with you all! Annie GRADUATED! We are preparing to move. I started another blog. Just lots and lots of "stuff" going on.

I am alive. I am still sane. I am ...okay.

So, please be patient with me. I promise to fill you in soon. Annie's graduation party is in a few days and I am running about trying to get things ready and as usual, I am not prepared!

More to come soon. Let me get through the weekend and I will post first thing next week.

Monday, June 1, 2009

...and The Beat Goes On

The beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding
A rhythm to the brain
La de da de da, la de da de da.

One of my major stress' is our economic situation particularly the GM Bankruptcy Issue. For those of you that know me, understand this well. My husbands first love is the

United Auto Workers

I chose to gladly share him. I knew early on that this was very important to him. Luckily I agreed much with the UAW way of life prior to being involved with it. I had the opportunity to really see what was in store for me when Sergio and I dated. I listened well to the few wives that remained with their Union men that were rarely home, ridden with overworking, over-stressing, and the temper and sense of "fight" that these men live and breathe.

Sergio is a fighter. Ask anyone. The Brothers in his union know he has their back. He will help, he will listen, he will fight for what is fair. He will make sure that workers are treated fair and that they will be respected. He is one of the smartest men I know. He is also the hardest working man I know.

These past couple of years, particularly the past few weeks, I have feared mostly for him. Fear of a heart attack. This man is carrying the world on his shoulders. You may think I am exaggerating, after all he is an International United Auto Workers Region 3 Representitive, not Ron Gettelfinger, President of UAW. But, as Mr Gettelfinger would tell you, Sergio is the UAW. It is men like him that make it run smooth. This financial crisis has been coming for some time, due mostly in part because of the government decisions (Unfair trade agreements, failure to enact national health care and deregulation of financial market, for example).
As President Obama discussed in his speech today, "things will get better. We will make the necessary sacrifices so that our children will once again have a nation to be proud of".
My struggles, along with my family and UAW friends, will continue. I understand that it will get worse for some of us before it can get better. I will do my best to keep my chin up, have faith and sing the Ant Song when necessary. I will not let it get the best of me.

I must let the beat go on.