Monday, December 7, 2009

"Yo! How you doin?"

"That's what Rocky is all about: pride, reputation, and not being another bum in the neighborhood."

...Sylvester Stallone

On Halloween night, 1995, Sergio allowed a stray black cat into our garage. Good looking, short, muscular cold black cat. We had some kids in the neighborhood that were, well, not nice when it came to animals. So, Sergio, felt this little guy needed a little extra protection on a night that isn't so lucky for black cats around idiot kids.

I had just rescued another cat, Mario, the week before that needed alot of medical attention, as well as being busy with two little girls, two dogs and two other cats. I was also teaching preschool & babysitting. What's one more Gonzalez? He seemed to fit in very well with our gang.
Rocky was named after the Sylvester Stallone character Rocky Babloa.
He is an exceptionally sweet cat. Never torn anything up. Never got into trouble like the rest of the Gonzalez pets seem to do. He keeps out of trouble, stays out of the way, and always has stayed happy and healthy.
Rocky is now in his golden years. Although he has slowed down and gotten a bit thin, he has not really been frail until recently. Lately it has become increasingly difficult for him to do much of anything but snooze. He loves the new house and has several favorite spots. Particularly, here next to me on my desk. In the past month, we have moved a favorite Longaberger Basket (they are made for cats, right?), his food & water bowl, and he likes the little desk light left on (it's like a warming light at restaurants). I have also changed his food to can as we could sense some trouble with chewing.
Yesterday, he stopped eating. He also has stopped drinking. Today I begged him and managed to get a few drops of warmed milk in him. He even turned down tuna & turkey & steak fat (ewe~ but he always loved it). I have spoken to the Vet about options and once again, I have been in this position, but, run it by me again, what do I look for in his comfort and help me know when that has past.
Sergio is in denial. He is mad that I did not take him to the Vet sooner. He thinks Rocky just has a dental need. He forgets that most cats do not live to be 17 years old. He thinks Rocky is gonna be fine. "We are not losing another during the holidays (why do pets always do that?). The girls are off at school. They know Rocky is an old~old cat. Poor thing put up with doll clothes from them (particularly Emily, back in the day). I haven't called them with the news that he seems to have taken a turn for worse.
To me, I don't see it as a turn for the worse. He has had a lovely life. Quite the plush life for a cat. Plenty of "siblings". All the food, shelter, love and even Christmas presents!
He is purring. He seems really happy, although very tired. He is starting to be disoriented. I try to keep him close by. I get scared when I can't find him, and troubled when I do in some new spot. {Please don't go hide to die, let me comfort you}.
17 years. We have had him in our family for 14 years. He is such a cool cat.
I love You Rocky, you are such a good boy.


Anonymous said...

i do not like this post. - em

JC said...

Sounds like he has had a Marvelous life with you.

My old lady cat lived to be 21. So, 17 is young ..

I'll be thinking of you ...

Pammy Sue said...

Awww! I know all too well how you're feeling sweetie. I'll keep y'all and Rocky in my thoughts.

An English Shepherd said...

Sounds like a lovely lad .

Wizz :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am very sad...I have no words. You are in my thoughts at this very hard time. : (
Give a hug to Sergio
mary d

ellen abbott said...

I've never had a cat die of old age. They get hit by cars or succumb to feline leukemia. One jumped up on the coffee table, coughed and hacked and then keeled over dead. The oldest cat I had was killed by a dog who got in our yard. I take in strays. My kitty now is not allowed out at night (since that's when all the bad things happen) but I don't believe in keeping an indoor cat. They are animals just as we are and need that connection to nature. I would hate to be kept indoors all the time.

Linda said...

I'm so very sorry!! I love our cat Winston and can't imagine going through this, though I know someday we will. ♥

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm so sorry to read about the decline of the great and mighty Rocky. How lucky he is to have you by his side!

Sending you much love!

Anonymous said...

How is Rocky doing??