Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turning 21

My beautiful daughter Emily, turned 21 over the weekend.
Sergio & I took her, a girlfriend that also turned 21, a few of their friends, her Sis, Annie, her Aunt Delia & Uncle Dave, to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Then we went to her Aunt & Uncles house, (who luckily live downtown) for what the kids call, "Pregame". They party before hitting the clubs & bars as it is sooo expensive to drink out.

Emily & Natasha (who Emily went to high school with), had a great turnout. With the kids all starting Christmas break, just about everyone was home for the holidays, therefore, home for the party.
Sergio & I enjoyed seeing so many of these kids we have known since Emily was little. They have all grown into such nice young adults. Emily also had some wonderful Ball State friends come to town for this evening. Jenny, came from Lexington, Kentucky, to celebrate with her little Sorority sister.
The "kids" all stuck around till close to midnight. then Sergio, Dave & Annie started giving rides as well as a couple of cabs, to the heart of downtown where the bars are.

They went to just one bar. A place called Tiki Bobs. I think they had a pretty good time. I am very fortunate that Emily has such a wonderful group of friends, particularly, Bobby, to look over her and take care of her on this evening of milestone.
By 2:00am Emily was done for the night. A cab ride back to Aunt & Uncles home,with several of these sweet friends, where they crashed for the night.
She didn't get sick.
She did call to tell us she was safe at Delia's, she "wuved" us and said "Thank you".
Pretty good girl!
I continue to be so very proud of her.


Natalie said...

You are blessed to have such a lovely daughter. :D

A human kind of human said...

Oh to be 21! What a milestone and it seems she is solidly on the right highway too. Congratulations.