Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rocky Update

Or should I have titled this:
"How I Almost Killed My Cat".

Rocky. My dear sweet Rocky. I do love this cat. I mean really love this cat. I have for the 14 years we have had him. So, it is understandable how upsetting this has been.

Sergio, who I was sure was in denial, actually was more on top and accurate in diagnosing my cat. He was sure Rocky was NOT ready to die.

He is 17 years old. When the signs started showing up a month ago, how was I to think it could be anything else? I mean, he is old! He never complained or seemed sick. He just stopped eating and started sleeping more.
After four days of not eating anything, his eye and jaw swelled.
That is definitively not a sign of dying from old age.

OMGosh! Sergio~ I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT. Lets take him in to the Vet. I humblely admit that I have made a huge mistake thinking it's just old age and that Sergio was in denial. My husband...knows best.

Now mind you we have talked to the Vet, already the day he stopped eating. Well, now that I think of it, we talked to his assistant.

My Vet kept him for the day, hooked to an IV because he was dehydrated, and confirmed Sergio's thoughts of infection. Rocky has an Abscessed Tooth, which has gotten infected as well as causing an infection in his right eye. He pumped him with antibiotics, removed as much as he could of the ...puss and junk, although could not remove the tooth due not being able to give him anesthetic at this time.

He is home on watch now. We must get him to eat and gain some pounds so we can go forward with abstracting the tooth. He is not out of the woods. Because of his age, putting him under is extremely dangerous, but, the tooth has to go. He will most certainly die if it is not removed.

He loves his drugs, eating somewhat :) and drinking a chicken stock as well as water. He is making much improvement. Looks a ton better!

Thank you for your prayers. It seems this old guy isn't on that last 9th life. He was just fooling around with number 8.


JC said...

I am so glad it's just a tooth. I know at his age, that is dangerous to do surgery but it must be done.

I will have paws crossed over here .. hoping he gets better soon.

An English Shepherd said...

We will keep all our paws crossed for Rocky as well

Wizz :-)

Ziongirl said...

Poor little Rocky.....and being sick at the holidays!!!

A human kind of human said...

So glad he is better.