Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poke, Poke, Prod!

In this past seven days, I have had a Helluva health conscious week.

I went to my Family Physician. Yearly routine and review. When I walked in, the assistant says, "Okay, Janis, just need you to step up on these scales." I said, "You know, I think I will pass this time." Three sets of eyes stare at me.. I continued, "The way I see it, This is the week following Thanksgiving, and I ate quite a bit. My clothes are not very forgiving right now, so I am sure I am still carrying these extra pounds. I am VERY close to a scary number, (what I weighed at 9 months pregnant). If I get on your scales, fully dressed, I may be at or surpass "that" scary number. If that happens, seeing how I am here to be re-evaluated about my depression issues, and my weight-gain has been upsetting me, I am thinking the Doc will end up needing to up my Meds as I will be more anxious if I am near "that" number. SO, I will be happy to whisper my weight as of this morning "BUTT NAKED" {coz we all know winter clothes, heavy sweaters & pants add a couple of pounds}, but since I want to not increase the medications, I will pass on stepping up on those scales." I am happy to say, they seemed very impressed with my logic and gave me the pass I requested.

Tuesday, I went to the Optometrist. It was raining buckets, it was late, I was tired and they were running behind. A lovely Associate decided to follow me around while I tried glasses on. Giving me her opinion on every pair. Thank you very much, but, I do kindof know what I am looking for. Been wearing glasses for over 35 years. Only plan on wearing them once a week to give my eyes a break from the contacts. Maybe I like these frames honey, wireless look great on you but that isn't what I want! I didn't say this but wanted too. She finally gave up when I picked what I wanted and stuck with it. I also now have a stronger prescription so I have had a bit of a headache since Tuesday evening. Damn I hate that!

Wednesday I went to a Podiatrist. Wonderful fellow. Very quite & gentle. My Family Physician wanted me to have my foot looked at because I still am having pain from falling last spring. Sure enough, I did fracture it! Luckily it is healing well on its own. The X-ray shows that it is still healing and he gave me suggestions on how to handle the pain, and how to protect it from re-injury while it is still fragile. I should have gone eight months ago and it would be fine now, but, like many, I put myself last.

Thursday, I went to the Dentist. Thank God we are friends. I hate having anyone poke in my mouth at my teeth & gums. She can put me at ease and is the Angelic Gentle Dentist. A simple replacement of an old silver filing. Discomfort, but she spared me the pain~ Gosh I love her! Never the less I am tender.

Finally, Thursday evening, my monthly check in with my Therapist. How fitting to see her last, after a week of body drama. She as usual, was wonderful. Helps me keep things in check, and makes me feel normal, not really crazy. I look forward to the day I need not depend on her, but fear it as well. She certainly is good at helping me learn new tools and methods of dealing and handling what life throws at you.

At least I got everything in before the year end. Gotta make sure things get done accordingly for our insurance lords.


Linda said...

WOW, you've had QUITE a week of visits!! But good for you friend, for taking care of your health.

I have to say - I especially loved the part about the scales because I have actually put off going to the doctor at times because I did not want to step onto the scale there. I've felt like this at times when I've been working so hard at keeping up my daily 3-4 mile walk and yet I know I haven't lost weight and I too struggle with feeling depressed at times, so it would have just set me over the edge and made me feel bad about myself, when I had been feeling good. I think they should just stop doing that stupid weigh-in thing each doctor visit anyway. Personally, I feel like it should be our choice.

So, I LOVED that. :D

Ziongirl said...

Janis..You are so freaking funny. I hate the scales.....Now that would depress me too. I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Brooke