Sunday, December 27, 2009

Number 500...almost

My Blog manager claims that last posting (Merry Christmas) was my 500th post.
But, in reality, it is only my 476th that is actually posted. I have 24 drafts that I have yet to finish or post for one reason or another.
I have decided to thin through them, toss the ones that need to be purged. And finish the ones that I started and have a rightful place in my Blog.
To celebrate this milestone I have decided to print my postings in book form. Something just for me. And anyone that wants to see it in print here at home. There is a link in our Blogspot toolbox called Blog2Print that offers this service for a reasonable price. They cleverly have a link that can allow you to see your blog, how it will fit the pages and look. You can digitally flip through the pages and become mesmerized. Or at least that is what happen to me!
You gotta check it out. Very cool.
This Blog has really been a wonderful experience for me. It has exceeded my expectations. I was originally looking for a little pat on the back and recognition from friends. Maybe some understanding about what I go through. I never expected to find a world of new friends. I have "met" friends going through what I am. Be it Depression, Menopause, Oldies issues, and children issues. We are so alike. Regardless if you are my friend from South Africa, Texas, Australia, or California. I can count on advice, a little sympathy, a wish of congrats, and a simple "I care" from so many of my Blog World Friends. My friends have also shared some wonderful ideas, recipes, music, and books. They have widen my horizon and helped me to reach beyond my comfort zones.
My little "just breathe janis", has changed me. It has strengthen me. It has validated me. I am forever grateful for the encouragement to start this (thank you Sheri) and the support and encouragement to continue.
I try to carefully censor what I write. Sergio is particular about several issues and I respect that. I always make sure the girls are aware if they are posted, so they can veto if necessary (Emily, has become one of my biggest fans). I try not to write about anything that would embarrass those I love, or anyone for that matter.
I have also encouraged and helped others start a blog.
For the most part, I have been thrilled to get comments. I have only had a couple of Wackos, and a small amount of SPAM. I am lucky. Sometimes I get jealous of how many followers and comments others get, but then realize how silly that is and remember what two blogger friends told me about how overwhelming it can become and take away the simplicity. I don't want hundreds of followers and comments. Just sometimes am surprised when someone will comment to me in an email or face to face, instead of in print form. I realize that is just how it is. Funny thing, I started a Facebook to get more exposure for the Blog (and to find college friends). Within weeks, I had twice as many "friends" as I have "followers in my Blog. Maybe they glance at the blog, maybe they don't. I prefer my Blog and the comfy little~big world I have with it.
Thank you. Thank you all so much for the encouragement, the faith, the laughter and the Prayers. Without you I don't think I would have made it. My Therapist thinks you all have helped me come a long way too!
My blog has been my tears, my laughter, my hope, and my life. It's a journey that I am hanging on to for dear life. Trying to enjoy the ride.


Pammy Sue said...

I'm so glad you blogged about getting a printed blog! I've been meaning to do this FOREVER and just have put it off. I can't wait to go check it out.

AND...I'm very glad you started blogging too. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten to know you at all!

I'm off to go check it out.

An English Shepherd said...

Happy almost 500 ;-)

Wizz :-)

A human kind of human said...

About the followers, give yourself a pat on the shoulder, you have many more followers that I - lol. I am also glad you started blogging, else I also would never have "known" you. Looking forward to the big 500!