Sunday, December 20, 2009

23 Years of Bliss

December 20th 1986
Has it really been 23 years?
Sometimes I feel Sergio has been a part of me forever. And sometimes I think it seems only yesterday we had our first date.

I love this photo of my father walking me down the aisle. It looks as though I am having second thoughts. What the hell am I doing? I don't remember thinking it, but Phil, my Photographer, caught the expression.

I know you are thinking, "Boy, those eighties! There are some fine looking people in this photo."

Sergio & I were so young. I was 24 and Sergio 28. (Are you digging my big hair or Sergio's styling mullet?) When we meet, neither of us were looking. I think that is what made things flow so well. We were not trying to impress, we were just being ourselves. (And we still fell in Love!)
We have had our shares of ups and downs. I feel you can not appreciate the mountains without some valleys. We have had moments of joy as well as moments of sorrow.
I believe that marriage takes 150% from both spouses. It is hard work. There is nothing easy about living with the same person for the rest of your life. There are times when, truth be known, you don't even "like" each other~ BUT you can still love that person that you are not exactly liking at the moment! Weighing it out, BEFORE getting married is a good ideal. Making sure that you are both in it for the long haul, and having God along with you can be helpful!
I know that sometimes things happen beyond our control, and great marriages can become spoiled or broken. I know that we have been extremely Blessed, as we have weathered some tough storms, but nothing we could not handle together.
I am forever grateful, as I think I got very lucky. I got a wonderful husband that I am so glad to spend the rest of my life with.


pink dogwood said...

you were such a beautiful bride - I will be married for 20 years this coming February, and it does feel like yesterday sometimes.

Wishing you love the togetherness for ever.


Natalie said...

Lovely. Happy anniversary, and Merry Christmas to you both.xx♥

A human kind of human said...

I especially agree with one bit of wisdom in your post, the fact that you do not always like him but you always love him. I have been married for a couple of days short of 34 years and this is one truth that I have learned. Hard work? Yes, but worth the effort all the way. Happy anniversary!

Lori ann said...

Happy Anniversary Janet. You are indeed lucky, you have a lovely family.
Merry Christmas!

Ziongirl said...

What great pictures! Congratulations! I loved the 80's and the big hair. You really were a beautiful bride! I'm wishing you many more years of happiness. You are VERY BLESSED....

An English Shepherd said...

What a lovely post. Happy anniversary Janis.

Festive wishes to you both.

Wizz (and the boss)

ellen abbott said...

Congratulations! It is hard work indeed. You are so right. sometimes you just have to stay committed to the commitment. And believe.

And there is nothing like 80s hair!