Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Update on Stuff

I wanted to update you on a couple of stuff I wrote about previously.

1st~ I did mail the letter to my High School Counselor. I feel good about it. I don't anticipate hearing anything back. I just hope I brought a smile to his face and gladness in his heart. Maybe something to share with loved ones showing what a difference he has made.
2nd~ I joined Facebook. I still feel weird about it. But, it is interesting. I have had several blast from the past "friend" me. Makes me feel good. Also makes me laugh to see some of the pictures of these faces I knew, but 30 years later. They look the same, yet older! Ditto for me I know! One of my daughters "friend" me. I was surprised. She laughed, and asked me not to "creep" on her too much! I promised. And I have no intention of "friending" her friends etc.
3rd~Riley is healing very well. She is amazingly gotten playful, alert and happy! We did not realize how sick the cancer made her. Yesterday, she slipped out of her harness as she was teetered in the back yard. A neighbor came over with her happily walking aside him! I was shocked and embarrassed that I did not even know she had wondered off! He said she was fine, just visiting neighbors and hanging out a few doors down. Riley? She is friendly to us but not strangers! But here she was all friendly and playful with STRANGERS! Thank goodness she was good, alright and we had a great neighbor that walked her back over. She is a happy girl!

That's about it. Just felt like a FYI was in order since I got several comments on these issues.

Thank you my dear Blogger friends. I love you all.

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