Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembering on Veteran's Day

Today more than ever, I am thinking and praying for our Military Men & Women. I know a few that are currently serving as well as many brave men & even women that have served.

My favorite Service Men are the following handsome men.

My father, Thomas A Meyer US Navy

My Grand Father, Edward George Wright US Navy

Friend, Kinch Edward Waltrop US Marines, currently stationed in Northern Iraq

I am also very proud of others from our family that I unfortunately do not have photos;
My Great Grandfather Marquis, US Army
My Brother In Law, Robert Brent Reed US Air Force
My Brother In Law, Homero Gonzalez US Marines & US Army
My Uncle, David Edward Wright US Navy
My Cousin, Tully Wright US Marines
My Cousin (InLaw)Kristine Wright US Army

Countless friends that have served during war-time as well as peace time. My gratitude for their sense of keeping us safe. Knowing that they are willing to do what ever necessary to keep my country, and my family safe.

To you all, I salute you. I thank you. I pray for you.

For our brave young men and women that continue to enlist, for the young men and women about to go to boot camp (Andrew J Davis US Air Force).

The many friends of my daughters, so young and so brave.

May we all remember, be thankful and prayerful.


Ziongirl said...

God Bless our military!
My father is a marine and my mother was in the navy!

sheri said...

Yes, I too said a prayer of thanks for our brave people who serve and have served. My soon-to-be ex-husband was in Vietnam. My in-laws were in WWII. Thanks to all who have worn a uniform to protect us all.