Monday, November 23, 2009

Did I Miss the Memo?

Why is everyone making Christmas so Gung Ho so dang early? I mean, I know it's in five weeks, but they started putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween was over!

Can we please celebrate Thanksgiving and give this Holiday the respect it deserves before jumping over to Christmas?

Seriously. I LOVE Christmas! I love celebrating my Christian faith, gathering with family and all the Christmas celebrating. I don't want to be a Grinch but good golly!There are three local radio station's already playing Christmas only. There is a Christmas movie on every night.

BUT I WANT THANKSGIVING FIRST! I want to think about what all we are Thankful for. I want to embrace my friends, family and faith. I want to have the opportunity to say, thank you.

Why do we let ourselves get pushed and hurried so much? I just want to relax for a moment and reflect on the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Just for a moment please!


JC said...

I'm with you on that ...
Some people already have their trees up ... yikes !!!

Fire Byrd said...

We don't have Thanksgiving here. But we do have early Christmas decorations in the towns. It is, I agree with you far too early.
But I suppose it's recession led in that everyone is trying to make their money to keep afloat this year.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in the meantime with or without the tinsel!

An English Shepherd said...

We had Christmas decorations up in our local supermarket in October.

I think they have missed the point...

Wizz :-)