Tuesday, November 3, 2009

candy store!

The other day, I stumbled onto the Marion County Public Library website. I was impressed. I haven't belonged to a library for quite some time. I loved it for many years, but when we moved out of this county, and into another, we were not able to utilize there services as well. We are now back in Marion County!

I called on my Bestie, Sheri, for guidance, as she is the Book Guru! The girl knows books! What she does not know, she will find out. So, being a Bestie, she said, "when & where and I will meet you". So, this afternoon, to catch up, teach me about the anatomy of a library, and to find the best books, she joined me.

I got there first and started my process of becoming a member (FREE!). The librarian set me up, gave me some rules, told me my limits, I had to try to stay calm, but I swore she said I could take up to 75 books at a time and keep for 21 days. What! Sweet! She did! Not that I ever will, but dang!

I walked into the BOOKS sections and OMG! I texted Sheri. "It's a F*cking Candy Store!" She soon came around the corner and welcomed me to the candy store!

I am in HEAVEN! How could I have forgotten this wonderful haven that I loved so much as a child? Seriously, it was such a wonderful part of our upbringing, getting to go to the library every couple weeks and pick out books. I also enjoyed the Book Mobile as a pre-teener. Which was perfect because it chose to park in my cul de sac, during the summers and I could not wait for this groovy bus to pull up.

Today, I was able to get one of the books on my list. Four others that I found intriguing and two audio books to try out while I am working on spreadsheets at the office.

I wanna be a Librarian now when I grow up!


Anonymous said...

I love the library too....another world. escape.
I'm glad to hear you spent time wit Sherri...she's been on my mind.
Oh, I was kidding about you looking not a day over 50. I just said it 'cause I knew it would get your goat! : ) Daaarling you look marvelous!
mary d

Anonymous said...

not wit...with. get wit the program mary!

Linda said...

I have always loved it also - haven't been in a while. I have a slew of books that I need to read, ones that my husband got me last Christmas, on the bookshelf at home. He reminds me of that from time to time. I've just been too busy WRITING this year. Maybe I'll take some time for reading come winter.

sheri said...

And it's almost time to go again!!!