Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take a Chance On Me...




We all are tempted. Some of us brave chances, risk and experiments. Some of us fear failure or ridicule and opt for the safe route.

I am usually a safety girl. But lately, I am feeling rather Risky. Willing to take a chance. So tonight I did.

Earlier this week I had a hair appointment. I am kindof a freak about hair. I like it long enough to hide behind it and nothing too much of a change!

My Mom is one of those cool rare souls who wears her hair short, spiky and very blond. I would rather die than be that bold.

I do like to hide the gray, simple traditional Mom cuts and color. Long enough to pull back or be stylist on a night out (Ha! Like that happens often!).

Anyway, Suzy, my stylist, whom I Love, cancelled on me at the last minute. Not her fault, she got injured and had to take the week off. I am so not willing to pay a stranger to over-charge me for a cut /color that I don't know if I will like!

So, I thought about doing it myself! Amazing how Wine will give me the encouragement to say,

"Hell Yeah! I can do this!!"

With wine in hand I began!
I followed the instructions. I played it some-what safe with a Soft Ash color. Oh! and it is a semi-permanent so Suzy can take over soon. I am home alone (other than my furry family members) so I am basically on my own.What the Hell am I doing??? Lord, get me another glass of wine! I am starting to panic a bit. However, again, I followed instructions. It looks even. It barely burns/itches. I really am wishing Suzy hadn't twisted her ankle! I am being totally selfish, but I am wanting a pro! I should have waited. It was only a week. However, Parents Weekend is this weekend at Ball State University. We are talking Tailgate.. Do you know how the natural sunlight grabs my gray and shouts "HELLO WORLD!!!" I wanna look like the girls MOM not GRANDMOM!
Crap-a Doddle!
Okay, moment of truce.
It looks like it is all washing out!
I cant tell... Does it look better? Or not even there? Hmmmm.
Well I guess it hid some gray. Mostly just toned and evened out the color changes from an out grown coloring. What do you think?
(Oh, and Please,try to imagine me with make-up!!)


A human kind of human said...

I love this post, sounds so much like yours truly - always playing it safe and then getting this urge for adventure at the most unexpected times. Also wants to tell you that I just love the photo of you midway through - so interesting (just tell me how you manage to still look great while pulling a face). Final conclusion: "One cannot argue with success."

ellen abbott said...

You look mahvelous dear!

I keep mine short (it's curly in our humidity) and don't color it. I've been pretty lucky, my hair has resisted turning gray. I do have some but you have to look close to see it in my dark hair, though I think this last year there is definitely more.

Anonymous said...

you look GRRREAT! Not a day over 50! : )

janis said...

Thanks! Thanks alot, especially that last comment. IM NOT 50 YET!!! I'm only 47!
I'm gonna go cry now, thanks you big jerk :(

JC said...

You look great !!1
I used to do my own hair.
Til I just had too much to cover.

kim said...


Lori ann said...

Good for you taking a chance! It worked beautifully. Such a cute picture of you half way through. Now go have another glass of wine to celebrate your bravery and saving a few dollars!

I'm glad to hear your Riley is doing well.