Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today I had a luncheon with five women I have know almost forever. These women are my Camp Fire Girls Sisters. From left to right: Tammy, Me, Mary D., Pam, Mary G., and Sheila. Unfortunately over the years we have not seen each other as often as I wish we had. We grew up and lost touch. Seeing each other on rare occasions. Two of these women, Pam & Mary G (who used to be known as Mary C growing up) shared their most precious part of them; Their Moms. Pat (Pam's Mom), along with Betty (Mary G's Mom) bravely lead our troop through grade school, middle school and kindof high school. They were a huge part of who I am and why I survived.

Growing up, we were all a little different. But magically that was what made us such a part of each other.

Today, we laughed we cried, we ate, we embraced. It is wonderful to be able to pick up where we left off so many years ago.
We have a few other sisters. A couple we haven't been able to find. Another that was unable to join us. Hopefully another time they will.

Having those Camp Fire Girls Meetings taught me so much. Socialization skills, crafting skills, business skills, and having FUN. Our leaders were wonderful women. They taught us to expand our horizons. To step outside the box. To be brave. And oh, did I mention? Have fun!We camped together (Ha Ha, seriously. I use to like that kind of stuff... especially with these girls!) We went to interesting and fun places. We gave back to the community (do you remember girls driven be leaders in a station wagon picking up the tied newspapers the night before trash day? That was us collecting for recycling back in the seventies before everyone recycled. We dressed in our "ceremonial gowns" (yes~ I am in that pamphlet!) and went to the malls and places to promote Camp Fire Girls and to show our skills off. Lord, I remembering some of us a little nervous in 8th grade hoping other school mates would not see us and make fun of our "Indian costumes".
I learned many of my leadership skills from being a Camp Fire Girl. Imagine that? A little girl growing up to want to make things better and felt prouder because a couple of women and a band of sisters made me feel so loved and special.

I want to thank them all. Particularly Pam & Mary G, for sharing their Mothers with us girls. I understand how hard that is as my daughters also shared me. I want to thank them, as well as Tammy, Mary D, Sheila for coming today and becoming a part of my life again. They as well as Lori, Toni, Karen, Stephaine, Lisa & Christine, (where ever they are) helped me to become who I am. I will love them and the memories we share, forever.

Until our next Camp Fire Girls meeting~ Wo He Lo!
Love~ Tacinca

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Linda said...

Such fun, great memories and wonderful that you could have this reunion! :)

My husband and I are hosting a mini reunion this coming Saturday -with a guy and gal that I've known since childhood and their spouses. We've actually never met the spouses and my husband has never met the guy I was friends with in high school, so this should be an interesting gathering for sure. Haven't seen him in twenty years and my girlfriend - it's been 4 years.