Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Little Princess'

When my girls were little girls, I always encouraged imagination and fairy tales. My daughters were always Pretty Little Princess'.

At their little birthday parties, regardless to the theme, all the little girls invited would receive lovely Princess headpieces. I made these from party wire, curling ribbons as well as satin ribbons. If the theme was Little mermaid, the colors from Little Mermaid were used. Halloween - Black, Oranges, and Purples. Beauty & The Beast, 1001 Dalmatians,Christmas, no problem the Crowns, head pieces, what ever they wanted to call them, were always available at Emily & Annie's parties.

As the girls got older, this passed and new trinkets and goodies were thought up. But, I missed making the Pretty Little Princess' crowns. Sergio often encouraged me to make them to sell at the festivals, but I never did and just put the memories away in my heart.

Recently, I was talking to my dear friend, Barinder. She does not yet have children, however, she has a couple of Princess nieces.

Yea! Guess what I made today!One of her nieces will receive hers this week. The other lives in India and will have to wait for Barinder to arrive in a few weeks.
I can hear the Little Princess giggles now!

Anyone have a young Princess that needs a crown?


Natalie said...

They are sweet. You should make more of them. :D

Mark said...

Kait was always a Disney Princess she would have loved these, she will be twenty two in December I imagine she would still wear one.

janis said...

Thank you Nat & Mark. Emily will be 21 in December. And yes she too would wear one. Maybe I should make one for her in a "21" theme~ little wine glasses hanging instead of stars!

Anonymous said...

i loved these!!! - em

Barinder said...

Thank you so much for making these beautiful crowns for my little nieces.
They are beautiful!!!! I am sure my nieces will love them.
I will share the pics with you soon!

An English Shepherd said...

My Auntie Breeze's nick name is the little Princess as well :-)

Wizz :-)

Anonymous said...

Heck! I'm 48 and I want to wear one!
mary d