Thursday, October 15, 2009


Riley had a very successful surgery yesterday! My wonderful Vet was able to get out all the malignant tumor! She has lost a thyroid along with it, however, her larynx,vocal cords, arteries and nerves were unharmed! Other than a sour throat, a dozen external stitches, and the usual feel like crap after surgery.. feeling, she is recovering remarkably

Groggy but glad to see us, Sergio & I babied her all evening. We even slept in the living room with her to keep vigil watch over her. She had one tiny mishap where she ended up sitting on Sergio's head~ but they are both fine now! Was an interesting way to wake up with Sergio calling for help, while poor Riley was just confused from slipping off the couch onto his head!

Today, Riley's Happy Doggie Valium is making her feel good. At 120 pounds her pain killers are HUGE! That and her special dog bone that I got her from a Specialty Dog Store. (Seriously who buys these $9.00 dog bones regularly? I mean, yeah, I did, but for her recovery! The next one will be a regular one coming from PetSmart!)

Yea, she is a lucky Dog. Parvo, at a wee age, being the "fat girl" for years, and now Thyroid Cancer. She is a fighter! Oh, and by the way, I think she is ready to go on a diet!

Lucky Dog. Lucky Family!


Mark said...

I will trade her one nine dollar bone and my next salad for any left over valium.

"Lucky dog because shes loved."

Good for all of you guys.

JC said...

Oh my, another doggie, having trouble. My Bella had a huge tumor removed from her front leg/shoulder area two years ago. She now has to have her back leg knee area replaced. Surgery always worries me for my fur loves.

I hope Riley recovers fast.

janis said...

Thank you JC. I know what you mean.
Mark~ You CRACK me up! Maybe I will slip you one tomorrow at dinner!

A human kind of human said...

Aaaww! Who could not feel sorry for her after that photo. The images of Riley slipping off the couch onto Sergio's head and him calling for help in the middle of the night was really amusing. Hope she recovers soon.

Anonymous said...

I am so Glad to know that Riley is doing fine. I know you will take very good care of her.

Anonymous said...
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