Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lady-Bug, Lady-Bug, Fly Away Home

One of my trees is full of Lady-Bugs. Every day I see dozens of birds swooping in to have breakfast, lunch, then dinner. The tree is so full I get kindof freaked out to walk under it. I certainly know better then to look up with an open mouth. They favor this one tree, and stay off the others.

They are everywhere in Indianapolis lately. A seasonal thing. I excused myself yesterday as I offered to brush a couple off a woman's jacket. She grateful thanked me. They land in our hair, they fly into us and are quite a nuisance.

My sister, once had a home that they would get into through any nook or crack they could find. Being a old home, they would have success finding ways in. Sis, made the mistake of trying to kill them. Big mistake. They smell horrible when crushed. She'd have to vacuum them up and throw them out in bags.

When I was a little girl. I loved Lady-Bugs. I remember believing they brought us good luck when they landed on us. Same as a Butterfly. Funny how pretty bugs do not scare little girls.

I guess I should not complain. This is what is in my neighbors tree:

It is one big bad ass hornets nest. I couldn't believe my eyes walking the dog the other day. I made Sergio come with me the next day to show him and take this picture. We guess it to be about 18 inches tall and a good 12 inches round. Loaded with tons little nasty hornets. Yesterday, I stepped on one in the yard. He got inside my clog and got me three times. Two little stings then the big one with his sting token hanging out of my heel. Owe. (I'm okay, rather me than the dogs).
With the changing weather, these "bigs" are all dying off, and going into hibernation. Soon, like the leaves, they will be gone.


A human kind of human said...

I can hear and feel your frustration with these nuisances, yet at the end of your post I detect a certain sadness about them being gone once winter sets in. It is a bit like me looking forward to summer and then being disgusted when the first flies and mosquitos appear.

Mark said...

Indiana farmers buy and release Lady Bugs this time of year in their fields, so in turn they are every where in Indiana.

Your Hornets nest is cool, we have a couple also I always stop and check them out.

kim said...

Tuesday, Connor and I had an appointment with a counselor at his new school...New Tech. Anyway,as I was walking into her office I noticed I had a lady bug on my arm!! What to do? The tree hugger in me would never kill a lady bug!! Luckily...she was a kind soul and offered to take the lady bug and let it live in her office on her plant/tree!! yeah for her! They are everywhere and Reagan is enjoying watching them when they walk on the outside of his car window! He likes that he can see their little bug feet holding onto the window!!

janis said...

Kim~ I agree w/ Reagan, cool to watch their little feet.
Mark~ I have heard that before, why do farmers bring them in? The nest is cool but I do suspect that is where the hornet that I stepped on came from.
HKH~ You are so right, I am a bit sad about them leaving! And I feel the same about summer!

JC said...

I don't like bees ... that's all I'm going to say ... honey bees are fine but stay away from me.

By the way, how's your dog doing after surgery ?

Linda said...

We have these bugs as well in record numbers this year - though they're not a true ladybug. Instead, they are cousins - called Asian Lady Beetles and unlike the cheerful more red ladybugs, these pests bite and stink when squashed.

I can't believe the size of that wasp/hornet nest at the neighbors and I would have had that removed by now - I don't even tolerate little wasp nests under the eaves.

Yep, all too soon - all of the bugs will be gone and the snow will be here. Yikes. :P

Mark said...


Linda is right they come from a breeder then sold to the farmers.

They eat the bad bugs that kill the farmers plants.

Indiana farmers use them a lot in the fall. Very organic vs using chemicals.