Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back Home Again, in Indiana...

For all you non-Hoosiers, this is what you are missing in Indiana:

Our local Hardee's fast-food restaurants are now serving, Fried Bologna Biscuit sandwiches.
I had to eat my share of fried bologna when we were poor growing up. That was "the meat". That and SPAM. Oh, and of course, the dozen of recipes that you can make with hot dogs.
The last time I had Fried Bologna was in honor of an elderly dear southern friend that made it too often. She lived with one of my Besties, and the smell aways chased us away. However, when she passed away, I had to make it, and yes, eat it, as I know she would be smiling down upon me.
I drive past two Hardee's every day. Haven't had the urge to grab a Fried Bologna Biscuit yet. But it does makes me laugh. Makes me wonder if this is national. Can you get a Fried Bologna Biscuit?
Do you wanna?


A human kind of human said...

What on earth? I'm afraid I am not even sure what Bologna is, but you make it sound simply awful... and oily, especially when fried. "...when we were poor growing up." I certainly identify with this, yet I never realised that we were poor while I was growing up, it was only once I was grown up and could afford a little more of life's comforts that I realised that we were actually poor. Do I thank my parents for handling the shortage of earthly good so well, or do I thank the innocence of childhood for it?

I also love the bit about you making it when your friend passed away in memory of her. Sounds so much like something I would also be compelled to do (lol).

Love your posts.

Mark said...

I ate:

Fried Bologna = always with penut butter

Chipped beef gravey
Tomato soup made with water
Fried Spam
Slow cooked green beans
Mac and Chesse
Hot Dogs

Big night out was Sunday afternoon ocasionaly at MCL

janis said...

HKH~ Bologna is like a lunch meat version of a hot dog weiner. Left over meat processed into something they can sell and taste, okay. I love beef bologna (not fried) on white bread, mayo and green olives!
Mark~ I remember friends eating it w/ Peanut butter. Another told me they microwave it w/out cutting, causing it to curl into a bowl, then filling the center w/ ketchup!
As for the rest.. sounds like our meals. Remember broilled open faced SPAM, cheese & tomato on bread?
Ha Ha! My daughters are so lucky!

Linda said...

No thank you, I'll pass. I'm not a big fan of Bologna or Boloney (as we always called it). :)