Sunday, October 4, 2009

All Hail King Sergio!

My fabulous husband, the wonderful King of our Castle, the Honorable Sergio is in very good grace with me today.
He "fixed" my stove top! I don't know what he did (he isn't even sure what he did) but the important thing is that it is working. At least two of the burners. We are still working on the the other two. We think air or water/moisture got in the gas lines and stopped it.

I am a happy Queen, able to cook!

Hip Hip Hurray!


Mark said...

I was going to offer to turn on the gas and look down the burner with a lit match. I think I could have found the issue!

Tell Sergio it does not count as a true repair if there isnt a little additional damage to correct.

Anonymous said...

Jan- my gas grill wouldn't work. Larry took it apart and spider webs were keeping the gas from getting through. You might have webs in yours too! He cleaned them out and wala! we grilled that night!
mary d