Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life

I have had a crappy week.
My allergies are in full force. I have a horrible cold or flu or something mean, that is causing me much grief. I am sweating and freezing at the same time. My head is like a balloon. Sergio is afraid to sleep in the same room with me (sorry Baby, you WILL catch this anyway. Too late!)
I know I will feel better soon. This will pass...
I have had some finance crisis that has had me in a frenzy. My job had me stressed too.
I have that settled now.
Our closing on the new house was suppose to take place a week ago. We finally got a Clear To Close on Thursday morning. But the jerky seller is being an ass, and although he knew we had movers planned for this perfect, extended weekend to close, decided to make us wait till Tuesday. So we have lost four days that neither of us had to work, plus the girls were planning to come home to help, just because the seller wanted to be a jerk. After the closing, Sergio has to go out of town on Tuesday so, it is going to be a slow difficult move alittle each day move now.
I am okay with it.
As my daughter reminded me, worrying about it or getting angry, won't change things. It is, what it is. I have always said this and now it is time for me to take some of my own advice.

I had a funeral to go to earlier this week. Betty, a lovely woman that was the assistant leader in my Camp Fire Troop. She was 86. I felt so bad that I had lost touch. I had not seen her in years. Occasional run into her daughter, my childhood friend, and would catch up, but we rarely saw each other. Before the funeral I met up with three other Camp Fire Sisters and we got caught up before arriving at the funeral home. We then gathered with our friend that lost her Mom and promised each other we would keep in touch better. No more only seeing each other at times like these. We have a get together planned already. Betty, will be so proud to know she has brought us back together.
Some good from a sad situation.

I have so much to be grateful for.
God has truly Blessed my life.
Sometimes we (I) get so caught up in the things that drag me down, that I forget to look at the big picture. All the wonderful things in my life. I have such an exciting future that is only going to get better. Good things are happening. So a few things do not go according to MY plan. Am I forgetting this is all a part of HIS plan for me? I need to remember to truly give all my worries, my fears, my anxieties, and my joys to God. Then, and only then, can I enjoy what I have.
ps.. Thank you Mary for reminding me of this.
Mine is a WONDERFUL life.


JC said...

Sorry you have been not feeling well. Hope 'it' goes away soon.

Moving .. it never goes smoothly .. does it ?

And, you are right ... Life is good .. I forget to remember that sometimes ...

Enjoy what you can of your long weekend,

lakeviewer said...

See, you figured it out all by yourself. Life is good only in contrast with those irritations. Yes?

Congratulations on your move.

JOY said...

Moving mercies janis! Take one step at a time. You will get through it one way or another. Thanks for sharing. You are workin' it out! Helps us out here know we're not the only ones who sometimes struggle with the stresses of life.

Mark said...

Is this the new home you wrote about around the old neighborhood?

The bug took me five days; Hank has been fighting it for about two weeks now.

You did not answer are you guys Colts or Pacer fans?

Hang on!

Lori ann said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon Janis.

Your moving? that's exciting. Is it far from where you are now?

I hope everything gets sorted just right soon!

janis said...

Thank you JC, Lakeviewer, Mark,Joy & Lori~
I am feeling better although my chest is sore from coughing. I think I am about over this. And yes, Lakeviewer, I am figuring it out, stuborn but getting there. Mark~ yes! we would love too. sergio is a bigger fan than I, I like the whole socializing thing so anything sounds good. I did not answer because, well, the week has been crazy. This house is not the "one" I blogged about a while back. Those sellers are stuck on a price that is not partical. Although we loved the house, it does not make sense to pay that price in todays market, especially there. We later found a ranch with In-Law quarters that is wonderful on the Eastside. Mark~ you would HATE the association. It is what kept us from looking in this neighborhood, as it is too strick. BUT the good outweighed the evil and we hope to close tomorrow. Maybe some evening we can have you & Nancy over & you & Sergio can make a big fire! The neighbors will die!

Mark said...

Hmmm, me and fires you guys and new neighbors it could work.

When is moving day maybe I could come by and help?

We will defiantly take in some games then! I will take a look at the schedules and when the boys are going. You guys could come by next Sunday and take a break watch the game, eat some food, last few pool days?

Napierson said...

That stinks about the seller! It will work out! Let me know if you need help moving anything!