Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Freakin' Hillbilly Idiots

Please tell me only in Indiana are parents this stupid!
I am sure that this father loves his child. I often see my neighbor playing ball with his children in this yard. But, unfortunately, I also see this.
I am sure he means well. This child is spending time with Daddy, "helping with chores". I pray that they will go unscathed. Unlike the countless of stupid needless accidents where a child is harmed, and even killed, in mowing accidents.
Stupid Stupid Stupid!


Anonymous said...

I too cringe every time I see a child on a lawn mower. I pray nothing bad happens.

JC said...

I've heard of terrible accidents that were supposed to be fun 'joy' rides with Dad ..

Of course, there are lots of 'joy' rides that end up fine ... it's just that I wouldn't be comfortable with it ..

Mark said...



All three at one time or another all to old now.

Napierson said...

oh man some of my fondest memories with my dad were on the mower! i was so happy the day he let me go by myself! haha

sheri said...

Dan used to do this with Tyler and I never gave it a thought. This from the same woman who insisted he wear a helmet on his bike or skates.