Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blankie to the Rescue

One evening, when Emily was a tiny baby, she was a bit fussy while I was folding clothes. I knew she was tired, but I couldn't put her down just yet. I tossed my sleep shirt on her as it was warm, soft and she always loved rubbing her face on it when I wore it and held her. She giggled and sighed. Then, she would not let it go...

My favorite Victoria Secret silky sleep shirt had become her Pink Blankie.

Blankie went everywhere with her. She loved her Blankie.

Then one day, her Baby sister Annie, was born. Pretty much the day after Annie came home, I found Emily in my jammie drawer.

ME: "Whatcha doing, Pumpkin?"

EM "Wookin for a BLANKIE!"

ME: "Well Sweetie, what's wrong with your Blankie?"

EM: "No! Not MY BLANKIE! Pooh needs Blankie!"

ME: "Oh but Sweetheart, remember we bought her that pretty Baby Blankie? That is Pooh's".

EM: "No! Pooh wants one like mine.. HERE GO! I find one! He He!"

ME: "Oh, Are you SURE Pooh wants that one?" (as I eye my new VS silky replacement sleep shirt).

EM: "YES!"

I cut the buttons off, Emily tucked Annie into Sleep shirt turned Blankie, AND SO begin the love of Annie's Blankie. Just like her Sissy, but with tiny flowers on it.

Annie took it everywhere. Annie loved her Blankie too.

My Girls kept their blankies forever. As they grew up their Blankies changed jobs. They went on less frequent daily trips but continued to be their with them to comfort at bedtime. The Blankies stowed away inside their pillow cases to sleepovers. A reach inside the pillow, gave assurance and comfort.

I am not positive where Emily's is today. I am sure she knows where it is. Maybe tucked in her dresser drawer, disguised as an old sleep shirt.

Annie's, I can tell you exactly where it is.
On her last night here, she was packed and ready to move off to College. That evening, she feared of a bug in the room. I woke her in the morning, finding her asleep with Blankie covering her face, protecting her from that awful bug! The Blankie still has her scent on it. I have it tucked under my pillow, where I can reach it, and be comforted. The soft feel, reminds me of the comfort they brought the girls and now I am being comforted.
Once again, Blankie to the rescue.


Anonymous said...

That was a really sweet blog. I can relate. I had my child ask me tonight how long I thought they'd have their stuffed animal and I said I hoped they would pass it along to their child.

lakeviewer said...

What a cute story;the girls have developed a love of girly-silky things early on. yeah.

Fire Byrd said...

Blankie's or the equivalant are just so important.... guess that's why Smokey Joe, the little grey cat with her fur loved off and no ears left, is still in my bedroom.

Mark said...

Great story,

One of my favorites, we have Bubby at this house.

Reya Mellicker said...

How sweet! They were not only in need of comfort (and the smell of you) but they had sophisticated style, too - even as very small girls. Well done, you!

Love that last pic - it's so painterly.

Linda said...

So very sweet! :) Hey, I still have a favorite blanket of my own.

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh and im in the worst mood ever. awe annie still sleeps with hers! i think mine is stuffed away some where with old things oh mine. it use to be in my closet at the np house but after the move im not sure. love you! Em

An English Shepherd said...

Bless :-)


A human kind of human said...

Oh Janis, what a lovely post. This took me back many years to my girls' babyhood and my niece's daughter's. It brought up so many happy memories, I think I must write my own post about it if you do not mind. Thank you for a piece of beautiful writing.

Natalie said...

Gorgeous in every single way. :)