Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stupid Meet Stupid

I am an animal lover. Even the scary ones. Even the pesky insects. I feel that God created these lovely beast for a reason. Which is enough for me to feel love toward them all.

My Blog friend Lori, from, Lori times five ( ) recently blogged about her adventures in Africa, and some of the critters that joined her journey. She is much braver than I! I admire her and love reading her blog. I highly recommend her blog.

Anyway, back to my Stupid Meet Stupid.

This morning I decided to rescue a wasp that has been trapped in the kitchen window for a couple of days. I have been watching him get so close to the hole where he entered, but then stupidly can't seem to crawl back through it. This morning, I feared he has been without food & water too long and would need me to help him. Me, being the other Stupid.

I put some knit gloves on, and proceeded to open the window enough to stick my hands in. I have gotten the outside window opened up a bit, and I tried to shoo him out. He panicked and kept trying to go the other way. So, then I gentle cupped my gloved hand over him, caught him and proceeded to let him out to the outside. The little Bastard stung me, THROUGH THE GLOVE! I let him go, he flew back in and I tended my wound. Ouch! I have not been stung by anything in many years. Bugs seem to be at peace around me and we get along in harmony, until today.

I left the outside window opend ajar, and he still can't figure it out. It is up to him now, I am done. Leave it to me to meet a stupid wasp!


lakeviewer said...

Ouch! Watch your reaction. I got stung, and I developed an allegic reaction overnight that necessitated a trip to the emergency room.

janis said...

Thanks Rosaria~
I used BandAid Bug Bite patch and I can't feel the sting anymore! My husband is allergic and we have to be careful with him.