Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping In Hades

My loving husband and I are not on the same page lately when it comes to the temperature.

He's cold.
I'm hot.
All of the time.

Now, in all fairness, I may be experiencing Menopause, therefore, explaining my unfailing heatwaves. Also, Sergio, has experienced a health change, therefore gets chills easily.


It's freakin' 95 degrees here in Indy!

Every night I wake in a pool of sweat, and look over at my husband wrapped in covers.

He teases me that I have my personal fan blowing on me most of the night. I tease him when I wake to find him wrapped in a blanket.

I am beginning to understand the old people thing about having separate beds or even separate rooms. I am not there, nor do I plan to be. However, I can't wait to get cold in the over- air conditioned office!


lakeviewer said...

Ah, yes, we recognize these signs. Don't fret, but see your doctor(s). Night sweats are not easy to interpret, but changes, of any kind should be reported to your family physician so he can run tests and examine the symptoms.

Janis, I enjoy being your blog-friend, and understand perfectly the balancing act you and your husband must achieve these days.

Lori ann said...

Oh dear. Rosaria has good advice. Do what you have to and I hope you get a good nights rest from now on!

Linda said...

And to think, I'm out doing my lunchtime walk of 3 miles in 100 degree heat. I love the heat. Thankfully, I control the thermostat in our house and we do have central air on, but it's set at 78 - just enough to remove the humidity. That's what kills me - the humidity. Otherwise, I don't like for it to be freezing inside since I've been waiting for this beautiful summer weather.

Hope you find what works for you. :-)

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Janis !! Though this is for the first time i am on your blog and honestly i have got a very good learning about adjustments..I am so glad to find your blog !!Unseen Rajasthan

Lynne said...

Hah! You could be describing my life: me, hot; husband, cold. We're getting used to being at opposite ends of the thermometer!

I'm here from Reya's blog!