Friday, June 19, 2009

It's My Birthday

Today I turn 47 years old. Yikes! I don't feel 47, then again, yeah, I do.

I am at work, so I have to be brief but wanted to post a little something to mark this day.

I walked into my "cubical" to find it nicely decorated by my dear co-workers. I love them. They are so dear. They affectionally refer to me as "The Office Mom". I am old enough to have mothered 3/4th's the office staff! That is okay. I am comfortable with the title and love these young adults. They have taught me much and hopefully I have taught them a thing or two.

We are having a pitch-in today at work to celebrate May & June birthdays. I can smell the food already and can't wait to eat.

Tonight, my Emily will come to town with her sweet Mike. Along with Annie & Nathan, and Sergio, we are going to dinner. I think we will go to Buca Di Beppo for some yummy Italian food.

On my Birthday, I will make my New Year Resolutions. After all, this is a new year for me. I will do my best to improve myself, like myself better, and expect less from myself. I won't bore you with the list, but I am looking forward to the challenges.

I think this is gonna be a good year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis - guess what?

It is your birthday !!!

Your 47 years old.


RB Reed

JC said...

Happy Birthday !!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You know who

Linda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Glad you had a fun day.

Many blessings always,

Ziongirl said...

Happy Birthday my blogging friend. I hope you have a super duper day........Brooke

Lori ann said...

Happy Birthday Janis!

I wish you a beautiful year ahead and good luck with all those intentions, what a great idea.


sheri said...

You're 47? I thought we took a pact to stop somewhere in our 30s. Traitor!