Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is upon us.

Another Hallmark Holiday. Although I do love these holidays to take the time to reflect, remember and be grateful.

My Father isn't the only Man I honor on this day. I am forever grateful and in admiration to my Dad. He managed to love us, provide for us, be extremely funny, despite the burdens and crosses he carried. He taught me perseverance and to always do my best.

I also honor my husband, who is a darn good father! Sergio has always been on top it it. He thinks ahead and prepares well. He has always pushed the girls lovingly and given them strong survival skills. He worked himself to death to provide the best for us. Always made sure the girls had whatever they wanted but helped me make sure they were not spoiled. I am so proud of him. I think he has almost gotten over being present at the girls birth, although I heard him tell a young father to be, "DON'T GO! You don't want to be there. It's awful". He still gets creepy chills from memories of being there! He would have preferred the waiting room!

My Father-In-Law, for being Sergio's father as well as an important person in our lives. He has molded the man I love and helped him be the father he is.

My friend Paul Riley. Sheri's father, who I love dearly and think is about the best father anyone could be blessed with. He has always made me feel special, and loved. I still feel so at home when I visit Sandy & Paul.

My friend Nick Seats, father to Ron, Rich & Kim. He lived in the neighborhood where we grew up and helped me with things that my Dad just didn't think about (no fault to Dad, but regardless, I am glad Nick always made sure my car was running A-1 and often checked the engine, taught me how to change the oil and that kind of stuff.)

My Grandfather Texas, I think about. I can not even begin to mention all this great man taught me. I am so Blessed to have been a big part in his life. Living with him & Grandma Kitty through the summers, I gained knowledge, love and character. I know I live my life according to what I learned from them. I will forever miss him, but know he will forever be in my heart.
I had some great photos to add to this blog, but I have misplaced them and spent to much time searching! So, a picture of Sergio w/ his baby girls will have to do. Maybe the other photos will find their way to another Blog entry!
Happy Father's Day! To everyone that has in some way, inspired, encouraged, set example or just been fatherly!


lakeviewer said...

This is a beautiful tribute to the men/fathers in your life. You are a lucky person.

sheri said...

How wonderful! The greatest gift you have given your children is your love and choosing a wonderful man to be their father.