Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Give Up On Me Baby!

Okay Okay! I know I am slacking on the Blog!

I am upside down and inside out! My life is CRAZY and I am running in a million different directions.

So much to share with you all! Annie GRADUATED! We are preparing to move. I started another blog. Just lots and lots of "stuff" going on.

I am alive. I am still sane. I am ...okay.

So, please be patient with me. I promise to fill you in soon. Annie's graduation party is in a few days and I am running about trying to get things ready and as usual, I am not prepared!

More to come soon. Let me get through the weekend and I will post first thing next week.


lakeviewer said...

Yeah, Annie, Congratulations! And Janis, hang in there.

Linda said...

Congratulations to Annie and to you! :-) Been wondering how things are going, looking forward to more updates soon.