Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome Indy 500 Race Fans!

Today marks the 100th Indianapolis 500 Race.

33 starters will take the green flag today @ 1:00pm.

The city has been in festive mode all month. Our city is crowded with fans from across the country and across the world. Hotels are filled and restaurants are popping. Fun events all month.

As a child, my parents were big fans and we went often. If not the race itself we went to the track for events leading up to it, then enjoyed Indy 500 cookouts on race day.

Sergio & I enjoyed race events and actual races also. The past few years we have not gone or been as involved. Starting with the changes with the Race cars and the IRL changes. We haven't been to as many cookouts these past years either. I have decided that next year we will have a cookout and try to start up tradition with our friends again. With Annie's graduation, as well as so many of our friends, this year just didn't happen. There is always next year!

Here is my all time favorite Race Car Driver. Mario Andretti. Still a hottie and just so cool! I met him a couple of years ago and am so glad I had my camera! His family is amazing and so interesting. I love them all and wish we were friends! (He laughed when I told him we named our cat after him when we did not have a son to bear his name).

My picks for this years race are Helio Castoneves or Danica Patrick. This should be Danica's year. Go Baby Girl! My wild card picks are Marco Andretti (Mario's Grandson) or Milka Duno.

Here are some fun & interesting Indy 500 facts:
(sources:Indy Racing League Media Relations, Indy Racing League Technical Department, IndyCar Series race teams, Firestone, Honda)

Did you know...
...that the 3.5-liter, 100% fuel-grade ethanol -powered engines of IndyCar Series cars produce more than 650 horsepower, nearly 4xs that of a average street car?
...that each of the eight pistons in an IndyCar Series engine travels nearly1 mile up and down in the cylinder every minute?
...that an IndyCar Series car accelerates from 0-100 in less than 3 seconds?
...the tread of an IndyCar Series tire is 3/32nd of an inch - slightly thicker than a credit? speed, the tread area of the racing tires approaches the temperature of boiling water (212 degree Fahrenheit)? At those levels, the tread actually becomes tar-like in consistency to help the tires and car adhere to the track.
...that the draft (or hole in the air) created by an IndyCar Series car extends 25 feet behind the car?

There is more cool facts. Go to: for more information about our cool race.


An English Shepherd said...

Looks exciting, we just watched the Formula 1 race at Monaco today (on the TV of course ;-)

Wizz :-)

Ziongirl said... much excitement for you and your city. How fun!
and that Mario is most definitely "still a hotty".
Have a nice holiday


sroman said...

Your picks did well.