Saturday, May 23, 2009

This & That...

I am going to try to catch up a bit.

I am home alone and there are so many things calling to me to do and I will try to do a little of this and a little of that. The result will be getting nothing completely done, but dabbling in much. Will make completion of stuff quicker in the long run... maybe.


This morning Annie showed me the completed Graduation Video.
It is awesome. I cried, just a bit. She starts it at birth and ends it with Senior Year. She threw in a few videos and a ton of pictures. It is officially 42 minutes long, but will be played on a loop so it will just keep playing & people can watch pieces of it when they want during the graduation party. I love the music she chose. This song from Vitamin C was tossed in. Do you remember it? It is from around 2001 I believe. I love this song. so I am sharing with you.

I have a nice little "Kool-Aid" wine (that is White Zinfandel, for those of you that don't know). I think I will chill, sip, read & write. I also will throw in a load or two, and clean the kitchen. (That always looks like you have done alot when there are clothes are folded and a clean kitchen).
Ha Ha the secrets I tell!

I also have been trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. I am having trouble leaving some comments on some. Anyone else having trouble? Hmmm, maybe it's me.

More to come! I will be right back.

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