Saturday, May 23, 2009

Similar Dance Memories

Check these out:

Annie and friends at her 8th Grade Dance. These are some of her best friends then and now.

Kalen, Tom, Annie,

Jessica, Julie, & Haley

Here are my Besties and two more dear friends in 1979 at a High School dance.

That is Mary Coleman & Kim Sheets joining Deb, Sher, Lynn & I. (I wish I had Rich in the photo!).

How funny! Tomorrow I must make copies as "my girls" do not have copies. Thirty years later, I think I owe them copies!

Dances are great with a date. But the best memories come from the Dances with your friends. We had dates at the 1979 dance, but I am not sure where the photo of me and the date is! But this one, it is priceless! I am thinking Annie will cherish hers just as much!

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sroman said...

Jeff Glass was my date. Or maybe it was Keith Taylor. You had a date too but I'm pretty sure we spent most of the time with girlfriends.