Friday, May 15, 2009

Do You Cook, Janis?

Today a group of co-workers and myself, walked to Champps for lunch. On the way, we were discussing menu items. One of them asked me, "Do You cook, Janis?".

I found that interesting.

Was it an option?

Most of these women are ten to twenty years younger than I. Maybe they live in a different world than I.

I answered, "Well, of course! I mean, I don't often cook big meals like I use to. With Emily away in Muncie, and Annie always gone. Cooking is often Hamburger Helper or like tonight, Polska Kabaska. But, yeah, I have been the cook in our family for the past 24 years."

Few of these women cook. I am hearing that men cook. Sergio can, when he has too. He cooks a mean steak, chicken or anything on the grill. He also cooks breakfast for the girls sometimes as they all like potatoes and stuff. But, if I don't cook supper, he will eat a turkey sandwich, cookies, snacks and starve.

My girls can cook. Especially Emily. She loves cookbooks and dreams of a stove that works (her apartment has a sad excuse for one that basically is a stove top, the oven is less then desirable).

Speaking of desirable, I think the better the kitchen, the better the cook. Our last house had a friendly kitchen, this home is not gourmet friendly. The next house must have a kitchen calling my name!

When my girls were young, I resembled Cher's character in "Mermaids". I often used cookie cutters for cutting sandwiches, made fun snackie foods, jigglers (I also make great jello shots~ but that is another story!), and deserts. Annie is stepping into my "desert and hors d'oeuvres queen" shoes!

I like cooking. Especially in a well stocked, friendly, happy kitchen. Toss in some loved ones, a glass of wine, and I AM THERE!


lakeviewer said...

I'm with you, Janis. A good kitchen energizes a cook.

sroman said...

And any cook that can improvise energizes us all. You do it well.

Linda said...

Like you, I can't imagine NOT cooking. I'm the primary cook in our house, meaning, I cook nearly every single night. Family mealtime is important to us.

My sister, on the other hand, has never cooked, as her husband is a great Chef, and he handles all of the cooking.

Hope you have a great week,

Ziongirl said...

In my past life when then were mouths to feed...I loved cooking. Now it's just me and life is pretty simple in the ole kitchen. How many different ways can I prepare a salad? "giggles"

Reya Mellicker said...

I love to cook. The results of my kitchen experiments are sometimes good, sometimes not so much. But I love giving it a whirl.

Just read somewhere recently that part of the problem with obesity in this country has to do with the fact that a whole generation never learned to cook actual food. Makes sense to me!